FTDI RS232 Serial Adapters for Windows 10 applications, these serial adapters were manufactured with the FTDI Chipset for high-speed outputs.

  • 12 Inch USB DB-9 Serial High Speed Adapter – FTDI Chipset

    1 Port $19.95 Part No: CG-RS232-F12
  • 6 foot USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter DB-9 Male, FTDI Chipset

    1 Port $24.95 Part No: USBG-232MM
  • 72 Inch USB to DB-9 Serial High Speed Adapter with FTDI Chipset

    1 Port $29.99 Part No: CG-RS232-F72
  • Dual Port USB to Serial RS-232 DB-9 Adapter Cable FTDI Chip

    2 Port $59.95 Part No: XC-232-C
  • Industrial 8-Port RS-232 USB 2.0 Serial Adapter Box with FTDI

    8 Port $194.95 Part No: USB2-8COM-M
  • RS232/422/485 to USB 2.0 Serial Adapter Combo

    2 Port $89.95 Part No: CG-232485CBO
  • USB C to RS-232 6FT Serial Adapter Black w/FTDI Chipset DB9 male

    1 Port $24.95 Part No: USBG-232MM-C
  • USB C to Serial FTDI Adapter Black for Windows 10 Fully Supported!

    1 Port $22.95 Part No: USBG-232-C
  • USB RS-232 Adapter Industrial Isolated – Surge Protected FTDI Chip

    Adapters $89.95 Part No: USBG-SSRS1
  • USB to Industrial 5Volt RS232 Serial Adapter FTDI

    FTDI RS232 $29.95 Part No: USBG-COM-X