Whether you’re hooking modern commercial electronics to printers or a modem, there are a variety of applications where RS-232 may be necessary. Think of USB to Serial converters as a kind of analog Rosetta Stone, translating the digital signals of USB into a format serial communication devices can understand.

Commercial USB Applications

Our USB to serial devices offer simple, superior connectivity solutions for a variety of applications in banking, retail, industrial, field service, and more.

For that reason, Coolgear equipment is built to withstand the tough demands of the commercial environment.

Some of our featured hardware includes:

Mini USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter DB-9 Male Converter

If you’re looking for the most compact, lightweight USB-to-serial converter, the Mini USB to RS-232 serial adapter is the best adaptor for your purposes. It converts USB signals into TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, DCD, RI, and GND signals.

The Mini USB to RS-232 converter only works with USB 2.0 or below, however. You may need to use a different adapter for more modern commercial electronics.

USB to RS232 Adapter
6ft. Cable

If you’re looking for the fastest connectivity speeds possible when translating USB to an analog signal, the USB to RS232 adapter is a stellar pick.

The USB to RS232 adapter can handle signals up to 500.000bps. This makes the best of both worlds, with the speed of modern technology but the rugged dependability of classic serial communication devices.

USB to RS232 Adapter 
Dual Port Serial

If you’re looking to split your USB signal to multiple serial devices, the USB to RS232 adapter is the perfect hub for you.

This USB-to-serial adapter gives your system two new serial ports, using only one USB port. It’s easy to install, as your system automatically detects the adapter and makes sure it doesn’t conflict with any other components of your system.

The USB to RS232 adapter only works with USB 2.0 and below, however. You’ll need a different adapter hub if you’re converting USB signals from more current consumer electronics.

Looking for More USB-To-Serial Adapters for Consumer Electronics?

These are just a few of the USB-to-serial adapters we offer. We carry a full array of USB-to-serial adapters, for all of your industrial, personal, or commercial electronics needs.

If you’re looking to translate USB signals from your consumer electronics into a serial signal, browse the rest of our USB-to-serial adapters today! 

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