USB in Industrial Settings

The primary issue with using USB for industrial equipment is that the technology was originally intended for home use.

A protocol designed for light duty like connecting keyboards and cameras would need to be adapted for the higher demands of an industrial setting. And in this respect, some manufacturers have unfortunately cut corners in the past.

It is for this reason that we are dedicated to producing rugged, dependable USB devices that can stand up to industrial use.

Industrial USB Applications

USB is useful, convenient, and most importantly, ubiquitous. But reaping those benefits requires your equipment to be sufficiently ruggedized.

For that reason, Coolgear equipment is built to meet critical tasks under punishing conditions.

Some of our featured hardware includes:

USB 3.1 Powered 4 Port Mini Hub: Includes ESD and Surge Protection

This model is a compact, mountable, and resilient hub that offers four individually protected USB 3.1 ports.

The Mini Hub is ESD and surge-protected. Each port is individually protected and runs on its own individual circuit. This design ensures it maintains a consistent high current while keeping your devices safe.

USB 3.1 4 Port Metal Hub w/DIN Rail Clip and ESD Surge Protection

This is a newly redesigned version of Coolgear’s USB 3.1 4 port metal industrial hub. It is fully USB 3.1 Gen 1 compliant. It is also capable of up to 5 Gbps of data transfer.

With a separate power adapter, its 2-pin connector supports additional 7-48V of power. Moreover, its DIN Rail clip allows you to keep cables safely out of the way.

It comes encased in an industrial-grade metal shell and can operate in temperatures ranging from freezing to 70 degrees Celsius (158 F).

4 Port USB 3.1 Gen2 Hub with 10Gbps Type-C and Type-A Port

Coolgear’s new USB 3.1 Hub includes two Type-A and two Type-C downstream ports. These ports are robust and can support up to 10 Gbps of data transmission.

The integrated 2-pin terminal block connection and power supply enable it to accept an input of +7 – 24V DC.

It is also wall-mountable. The solution includes a DIN rail mounting kit.

Coolgear Equipment for Your Industrial Setting

Our products will help enable your systems to run at peak performance for extended periods. Our mission is to supply your business with the industrial USB solutions that will maximize efficiency.

All of our products are rigorously speed and thermally tested onsite to ensure reliability. And if the need for support ever does arise, our team is on hand to ensure your satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn more about what Coolgear technology can do for your industry.

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