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Why Coolgear?

Your Trusted Partner in the USA providing quality devices to handle the most demanding industries for 20 years.

  • On-Site Engineers & Support
  • Project Review
  • Solution Identification
  • Production Forecasting
  • A La Carte Product Bundling
  • EOL Announcements & PCNs
  • Custom Productions
  • Product Modifications
  • Customizable Firmware

Our Industries



Digital devices like USB hubs and controller area network cards deliver digital information for a wide range of uses. Our USB hubs and serial communication devices serve as a bridge between the digital brain and the analog nervous system of a car’s electronics.

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Our USB Hubs and Serial adapters with a variety of sizes, ports, and input voltages are prepared to keep your kiosks and POS stations operational with an ultra-low defect rate. Perfect to fit the needs of installations in your kiosks, ATMs, & other POS systems.

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USB Hubs built rugged for everyday use, suited for your remote office, professional studio, computer lab, or conference room with a secure mounting method for easy asset tracking. Keep your peripherals tidy and experience quick access to your connected devices.

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USB Hubs Ready to handle your harsh industrial environments, protect your connected equipment, and reliably perform in any situation. Rugged chassis housings perfect for installations in labs, warehouses, heavy machinery, and automation equipment.

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Skip The Pitch, Get Some Help From An Expert

We work with Integrators, Engineers, and Product Development team leads like you on a daily basis to find the perfect fit for your project. We’ll talk protocols, operating temps, mounting solutions, power requirements, and more.

We Speak Your Speak

When you reach out to Coolgear support, you’ll find yourself in the hands of a solution-oriented and knowledgeable expert ready to answer whatever question you throw at them. Go ahead, test us.

Project Flexibility

Prices & solutions for every project. Tell us the application, then leave the rest to us.


We won’t ever sell you more than you need. That’s our promise.

Our Customers

See what our customers have to say!

View feedback and successful case studies from customers, engineers, and integrators we’ve worked with!

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Budget is always a factor, and Coolgear provides quality USB-Serial devices for good value.

– Philip Handley UC Boulder (NOAA)

“I called to get some additional info and the rep I spoke to was extremely tech savvy.”

– Len Maggiore My Network Solution

“I needed a reliable USB powered hub and Coolgear was the choice. Great build quality!”

– Daniel Scamporlino

Quality that can’t be denied, solid build.

– Steve Franks