Solutions for your FLEET

Coolgear is a leader in the automotive industry, specializing in advanced connectivity solutions tailored to meet the rigorous demands of modern vehicles. We excel in designing CAN devices, pivotal components in-vehicle communication networks that facilitate real-time data exchange among vehicle systems. Understanding CAN technology is crucial for comprehending our contributions to enhancing vehicle diagnostics, infotainment systems, and overall connectivity.

In addition to CAN devices, Coolgear manufactures USB chargers engineered to seamlessly integrate into vehicles. These chargers support fast and reliable charging for smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices, all while operating efficiently with a 12V DC input commonly found in automotive electrical systems. Our products are meticulously designed to meet automotive standards for durability, reliability, and performance, ensuring they withstand the demanding conditions of automotive environments.

Coolgear collaborates closely with automotive manufacturers and suppliers to innovate and develop cutting-edge solutions that advance vehicle connectivity and efficiency. Our commitment to quality and innovation makes Coolgear a trusted partner in driving connectivity advancements within the automotive industry worldwide.

Fleet Charging, Made Easy

  • No need for a bulky power adapter.
  • Native 12V & 24V DC options.
  • Skip the expensive, inefficient inverter.
  • Connect directly to your battery.


Less heat, lower data collisions, and a lower demand on the entire circuit for faster, efficient charging.


Keep your install organized and secure with multiple mounting methods including surface, DIN Rail, & Rack.


Built with an industrial-grade rugged metal chassis, ready to tackle heavy use in any environment.

Empowering Automotive Innovation with Coolgear’s Connectivity Solutions

Coolgear leads the automotive industry with innovative connectivity solutions designed to enhance vehicle performance, reliability, and user experience. Our extensive product portfolio includes USB PD chargers, rugged USB hubs, and specialized adapters tailored for automotive applications, ensuring seamless integration and robust connectivity in vehicles.

USB PD Chargers for Efficient Power Delivery
Discover Coolgear’s USB PD chargers integrated into automotive systems, delivering efficient power to onboard devices, infotainment systems, and navigation displays. Designed for fast charging and compatibility with various vehicle models, these chargers ensure reliable performance and extended battery life on the road.

Rugged USB Hubs for Vehicle Connectivity
Explore our rugged USB hubs, engineered to withstand the rigors of automotive environments. These hubs provide secure and reliable connectivity for multiple devices, supporting data transfer, diagnostics, and firmware updates in vehicles, fleet management, and automotive service applications.

Specialized Adapters and Connectors
Coolgear offers specialized adapters and connectors designed to meet the unique connectivity requirements of automotive electronics. From USB to serial adapters for diagnostic tools to custom ODM development boards, our solutions enable seamless integration and enhanced functionality in vehicle systems.

Innovative Solutions Driving Automotive Excellence
Coolgear is committed to advancing automotive technology with innovative connectivity solutions that support vehicle automation, telematics, and smart mobility initiatives. Our products facilitate real-time data exchange, enhance driver assistance systems, and optimize vehicle performance across diverse automotive applications.

Partnering for Automotive Advancements
Partner with Coolgear to harness the power of advanced connectivity solutions tailored for automotive innovation. Our expertise in custom solutions and commitment to quality ensures that automotive manufacturers and service providers can rely on Coolgear for superior connectivity solutions that drive efficiency and enhance vehicle connectivity.

Choose Coolgear as your trusted partner in automotive connectivity solutions, where reliability, innovation, and tailored expertise meet the evolving demands of the automotive industry.

Automotive Case Studies

1967 Camaro Race Car with MS3Pro EFI being tuned on MS3Pro with USB-2920 USB to Serial Adapter


Thirteen years ago, DIYAutoTune required a compatible USB to RS-232 serial adapter to allow customers to connect laptops or other devices to their Engine Control Systems.

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Portable Soldering

Making use of a portable soldering iron, Scott sought an optimal power solution to work on vehicle wiring harness assemblies on-the-go through his personal projects.

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USB 3.1 Gen1 4 Port Hub with DIN Rail Mounting
4 Port USB 3.1 10Gbps Hub
Nest Cam USB C Extender Kit

Custom Solutions

Can’t find it? We’ll build it!

When your custom project demands custom solutions, Coolgear Labs is ready to get you dialed in with cutting edge USB, serial and power delivery technologies.