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Coolgear streamlines the task of selecting USB and serial products. We do the bench testing so that you can simply choose your products and put them to use. It really can be that easy. We’re Ready For Integration, every time.

Coolgear Customer Testimonials

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“Budget is always a factor, and Coolgear provides quality USB-Serial devices for good value.”

Philip Handley UC Boulder (NOAA)

“The product descriptions are very detailed. I called to get some additional info and the rep I spoke to was extremely tech savvy.”

Len Maggiore My Network Solution

“I needed a reliable USB powered hub and Coolgear was the choice. Great build quality!”

Daniel Scamporlino

Quality that can’t be denied, solid build.

– Steve Franks

“Easy to work with! They offered support where many others lacked!”

– Bill Ford

Great products, great service!

– Jack Schollsberg

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Featured Case Studies

Learn about real cases where Coolgear products helped integrators and engineers solve real world problems.

Portable Soldering Case Study

Scott Peterson, a dedicated engineer, sought a compact and reliable solution to power his portable soldering iron while engaging in on-the-go wiring tasks.

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1967 Camaro Race Car with MS3Pro EFI being tuned on MS3Pro with USB-2920 USB to Serial Adapter

DIYAutoTune Case Study

Thirteen years ago, DIYAutoTune required a compatible USB to RS-232 serial adapter to allow customers to connect laptops or other devices to their Engine Control Systems.

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Pennington County Emergency Management Case Study

Pennington County Emergency Management thought they had to cobble together a rack-mounted multiport USB Hub for their Emergency Operations Center (EOC); then they discovered Coolgear.

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AirCon Case Study

AirCon discovered a nice surprise in their IR Camera integration kit — a Coolgear USB Serial Adapter that solved their integration challenge at one-fifth the cost!

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TouchPoint Medical Case Study

TouchPoint Medical reached out to Coolgear for assistance in integrating a hub within their Medication Delivery Carts to expand their port count.

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Customer Testimonials

“Coolgear products are dependable, reliable, and economical.”

Bob Lehmann Comtech Power Systems Technology

“The variety of inventory is outstanding and the items available met our needs.”

Kim Blackstone Trinity Health