USB-C PD Injectors

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Experience seamless power augmentation with our cutting-edge USB Type-C Power Delivery injectors. Designed to enhance charging capabilities, our injectors empower you to effortlessly boost power levels for compatible devices. Whether you’re seeking faster charging for smartphones, laptops, or other USB-C gadgets, our Power Delivery injectors provide the ideal solution. Unlock the potential of your devices and enjoy rapid, reliable, and adaptable charging like never before.

Type-C to B PD This power delivery injector USB Type-C adapter connects new USB-C technology devices to be added to legacy USB Type-B hosts. Supports…



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Compact USB-C to A Power Delivery Backward compatible with USB 3.0 and 1.1, the USB 3.1 Power delivery adapter is compliant with Gen1 and 2…



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Industrial Grade | +12~24V DC Input | Over Voltage & Current Protection | Surface Mountable Simultaneous Data & Charging: Experience charging and data communication between…

Model# CG-CSPD60W-2


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This power delivery injector USB Type-C adapter connects USB-C technology devices to Type-C hosts. Provide PD charging power and a data connection via one USB-C…



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Unleash the potential of your host systems using our cutting-edge 60W PD Injector PCBA. Seamlessly merge data from a standard Type-C cable with potent PD…

Model# CGL-3590USB1CX1Cv01-DEV


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Introducing our 60 Watt PD Injector PCBA: seamlessly merge data and power for high-performance PD device compatibility on non-PD, legacy computers. With integrated USB HUB…

Model# CGL-CtoCUSBv03-DEV


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Dual port USB Type-C charger PCBA with a 130 Watt total power output. 65W maximum power on each port. Over-Current, over/under-voltage, short circuit, and over-temperature…

Model# WTF-1xCCG7Dv1.01-DEV


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Upstream Female Port: 1x USB-C PD USB 3.2 Gen 1 Connector Downstream Female Port: 4x USB-C PD connectors Supply 60W of power to all connected…

Model# CG-PD5_GL_3590_V01-DEV


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**Notice: Reference Product for Development & Evaluation Purposes   Industrial Grade | +7~12V DC Input | Over Voltage & Current Protection | Surface Mountable Simultaneous…



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