Power Over Ethernet

Our PoE products provide a convenient and efficient solution for powering your devices through their Ethernet connection. With our USB and Serial to PoE adapters you can easily power your devices. Perfect for hot-desking situations, extending the range of your cameras, and more.

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poe power over ethernet providing power and data

Reliable Data & Power

Our PoE products are designed with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure reliable network connections and efficient power delivery for all of your devices.

Seamless USB to PoE

Power and transfer data to your USB devices. Connect USB cameras, hubs, and more to your ethernet network. Eliminate the need for separate power supplies and experience high data transfer rates.

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poe power over ethernet connecting to usb-c

Legacy Device Integration

Integrate your RS-232 / 422 / 485 serial devices seamlessly into Ethernet networks with our Serial to PoE products. Power and connect multiple legacy devices and ensure high-speed data transfers.

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Easy to Install and Configure

Our PoE products are easy to install and configure, making them a hassle-free addition to your network. Set up your PoE devices in no time and start enjoying the benefits of integrated power and data delivery.

Cost Saving Implementation

By eliminating the need for separate power sources, our PoE products offer cost savings for your network. You can save on equipment, electrician installations, and maintenance costs, while also reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainability.

Product Variations

We offer a wide range of PoE products to meet your specific needs, including injectors, switches, and splitters. Whether you need to power a single device or an entire network, we have the right product for you.

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PoE Applications

  • Hot-desking situations
  • NEST Cams & other cameras
  • Point of sale terminals.
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Point of Sale Terminals
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Support Beyond the Product

Product Reliability:

• Industrial-Grade Construction

• Extensive Testing / QC Construction

• Quality Components

Quality Tech Support:

• On Staff Engineers

• Phone / Chat / Email Support

• CAD / PCN / Data Sheets Available

Easy Ordering:

• Quick off the shelf ordering online

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