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Coolgear plays a vital role in the laboratory industry by providing cutting-edge connectivity solutions tailored to meet the rigorous demands of laboratory environments. Our expertise spans the design and development of USB hubs, serial adapters, and other essential connectivity devices that ensure seamless data transmission and integration within laboratory equipment and systems.

From enhancing connectivity between laboratory instruments and computers to supporting data acquisition and analysis, Coolgear’s products are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Our USB hubs and serial adapters facilitate efficient communication, enabling scientists and researchers to focus on their work with confidence in their equipment.

Coolgear is committed to innovation and quality, offering customizable solutions that meet specific laboratory requirements such as compatibility with various operating systems and stringent data integrity standards. We collaborate closely with laboratory equipment manufacturers and researchers to innovate solutions that optimize workflow efficiency and enhance scientific outcomes.

Choose Coolgear as your trusted partner in laboratory connectivity solutions, where reliability, performance, and seamless integration are paramount. Our dedication to excellence ensures that your laboratory systems operate at peak efficiency, supporting advancements in research and scientific discovery across diverse fields of study.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

  • Designed to provide quick and easy access to your USB ports and connected devices while providing power and data ports on the hubs’ rear sides.
  • Keep a clean, integrated look without encroaching upon your valuable workspace. Discreetly mount under your desk or where you need it.
  • Find the right fit with a variety of hub sizes and port counts to fit your workstation setup.


Secure each setup in your classrooms, labs, government facilities, corporate offices, conference rooms and more


Keep your install organized & secure with metal mounting flanges perfect for integrating into your workstation.


Built with an industrial-grade rugged metal chassis, ready to tackle heavy use in any environment.

Workstation Case Studies

Pennington County Emergency Management

Pennington County Emergency Management thought they had to cobble together a rack-mounted multiport USB Hub for their Emergency Operations Center (EOC); then they discovered Coolgear.

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Empowering Laboratories with Innovative Connectivity Solutions by Coolgear

Coolgear specializes in delivering advanced connectivity solutions tailored for laboratory environments, supporting precision, reliability, and efficiency across scientific research and development. Our diverse product lineup includes USB hubs, serial adapters including USB isolators, Ethernet converters, and custom ODM development boards from Coolgear Labs, designed to optimize data management and integration within lab settings.

USB Hubs for Enhanced Connectivity
Explore our Workstation series USB hubs, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of laboratories. These hubs offer secure and efficient connectivity solutions for multiple devices, ensuring streamlined data transfer and management in research labs, bioinformatics, and analytical chemistry applications.

Precision with Serial Adapters and USB Isolators
Coolgear’s serial adapters and USB isolators provide essential communication and data protection solutions crucial for laboratory operations. Supporting protocols such as RS232, RS422, RS485, and USB isolation, these devices facilitate reliable data transmission and safeguard sensitive equipment from electrical interference, enhancing accuracy and repeatability in experimental setups.

Custom ODM Development Boards by Coolgear Labs
Discover our custom ODM development boards tailored for specialized applications in laboratory automation and scientific instrumentation. Developed by Coolgear Labs, these boards integrate cutting-edge technology to meet specific research and development requirements, fostering innovation and scalability in laboratory environments.

Innovative Solutions for Laboratory Excellence
Coolgear is dedicated to advancing laboratory operations with innovative connectivity solutions that support data-intensive applications, IoT integration, and precision instrumentation. Our products enable seamless integration of laboratory equipment and facilitate real-time data acquisition, analysis, and collaboration.

Partnering for Laboratory Advancements
Partner with Coolgear to harness the power of advanced connectivity solutions designed to enhance laboratory workflows and accelerate scientific discoveries. Our expertise in custom solutions and commitment to quality ensures that laboratories can rely on Coolgear for dependable connectivity solutions that drive efficiency and enable breakthroughs in scientific research and development.


USB 3.1 Gen1 4 Port Hub with DIN Rail Mounting
4 Port USB 3.1 10Gbps Hub
4 Port USB 3.1 10Gbps Hub
Nest Cam USB C Extender Kit

Custom Solutions

Can’t find it? We’ll build it!

When your custom project demands custom solutions, Coolgear Labs is ready to get you dialed in with cutting edge USB, serial and power delivery technologies.