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Variable Voltage USB Hubs, providing you with the flexibility of powering the hub with a wide range power input +7~48V.

PD (Power Delivery) USB Type-C Hubs provide you with Sync/Source and Charging to keep you up to date and fully charged.

USB over Ethernet (also called USB over Network or USB over IP) is a system to share USB-Based devices over Ethernet, WI-Fi, and Internet.

High Power Output USB 2.0, 3.0, and USB-C Multi-port chargers and hubs for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and business users.

DIN rail hubs snap onto the rail. Using a DIN rail to mount several devices keeps them neatly organized & reduces cable tangling.

Surface mount hubs are designed to be attached to a flat surface. They allow mounting in a fixed position with minimum hardware.

Workstation hubs are popular for business professionals. They plug into the computer and stand free. Great for you desktop.

Rack Mount hubs fit in a standard 19-inch rack. Providing a Clean and Secure install into your Network or Server Rack.

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Find the ideal solution for expanding your peripheral connections within your office, lab, warehouse, heavy machinery, automation equipment, industrial setting, and more. Offering reliable USB 2.0 through 3.2 Gen 2 hubs of superior build quality with a wide variety of Transfer Speeds, Voltage Profiles, and Mounting Capabilities from Rack Mountable Hubs to Surface Wall Mount Hubs along with DIN Rail Mount Methods.

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The CG-10PU3MGD is a managed USB 3.2 Gen 1 (or commonly called USB3.0) hub which is designed to provide rich unique features for industrial applications.…

Model# CG-10PU3MGD


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