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Serial Adapters - Offering a wide variety of USB to Serial Adapters, USB CAN, and IO Cards providing up to 32 ports

6ft. USB 2.0 to RS-232 DB-9 Serial Adapter w/ 10kV Surge Protection & FTDI Chipset RS232 to USB Converter


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1 Port Serial Adapters

Single port USB to Serial Adapters for Stenography applications in the court room or other.

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RS-232 | 128 Bytes Receive | 256 Bytes Transmit | FTDI Expand Your Serial Capabilities: Connect your legacy 9-pin serial device through a USB-A port to…

Model# USBG-232MM


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USB C to RS232 Adapter - 6ft. Cable The USBGear 6ft. USB C to RS-232 Serial Adapter features a new black ultra sleek and powerful design with…

Model# USBG-232MM-C


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USB to RS232 Adapter - FTDI Chipset For computer users that require one new or additional RS-232 connection without the extra cable length. This cable features RX/TX…

Model# USBG-RS232-F72


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