Prolific USB to Serial

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Coolgear offers Prolific USB to Serial adapters that support Windows 10! The Prolific adapters are in various formats to suit many applications.

RS-232 | FTDI Expand Your Serial Capabilities: Connect your legacy 9-pin serial device through a USB-A port to add legacy functionality to newer technologies with no…

Model# USBG-RS232-P12


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USB to RS232 - Prolific Chipset The 36 inch USB to Serial DB9 adapter with Prolific Chipset (CG-RS232-P36) is meant for the shorter connections to…

Model# USBG-RS232-P36


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USB to RS232 Adapter The USBG-8X-RS232 USB to Serial Adapter Box is designed for PC, it has intelligent expansion modules that connect to a PC…

Model# USBG-8X-RS232


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