Coolgear’s Serial Products Support New Windows 11 OS

With the rollout of Windows 11, many will be affected and have to navigate new OS features at some point. But Coolgear is prepared with FTDI USB to serial chipsets that fully support the brand new operating system.

FTDI processor chips are among the most reliable on the market and one of the most important components of an industrial-grade USB serial adapter. They’re highly stable and compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux.

With Coolgear providing dozens of industrial-grade serial adapter designs that fully support the brand new Windows 11 and all of the legacy Windows operations systems, you’ll be fully prepared and supported.

The new operating system will affect many. Here are some of the changes you can expect and look forward to:

What’s Good & What’s New with Windows 11

On October 3, 2021 Windows 11 was released into the world with mixed reviews, as expected. Rolling out an operating system that holds nearly 75% of the market share for desktop PCs is expected to get extra scrutiny. For context, that’s five times the market share of macOS, the operating system that’s second in market share ( But with a stronger focus on security, a host of visual updates, and some brand new UX design (specifically window management), many are already praising the new Windows 11 and eager to move forward after almost seven years with Windows 10.

Windows 11 is built on the same foundation as Windows 10, and so it’s a natural transition for many. It is designed to be intuitive and familiar for users of previous Windows operating systems.

But let’s look at what’s new.


The uninstallable Windows security app was introduced with Windows 10 and has been updated for Windows 11. Built directly into the OS, it’s easy to access and makes commonly used security features simple and intuitive. Virus, threat, firewall, network, and account protections are all included and are easy to use.

With thousands of settings in the Windows security system, configuring an organization or individual’s security can be a daunting task. So, Microsoft has downloadable Security Baselines available at their Microsoft Download Center. They can be applied immediately and customized as needed.

Other updated security features include:

  • Microsoft Defender Antivirus
  • Application Security Features
  • Windows Hello for Business

Easier Access to Services

Windows 365, Microsoft’s desktop operating system that’s also a cloud subscription service, allowing you to run Windows as a virtual machine, is already fully integrated with Windows 11.

Microsoft Teams is native to Windows 11, making it easy to chat and host video calls and conferences. All of this will be available without the previous requirement of a Microsoft 365 account.

Power Automate is also native to Windows 11. This app automates manual tasks for users, without the need for any coding expertise.

Customizable Desktop

Snap Layouts and Snap Groups are a brand new version of Snap Assist. Easier to access and use by simply hovering the mouse over the minimize/maximize button, it gives users a variety of window configurations while working in multiple applications.

Other updated desktop features include:

  • New Start menu
  • An updated Taskbar
  • Widgets
  • Virtual desktops

Android Apps & Other App Changes

The brand new Windows Subsystem for Android allows users to download and use any Android app found in the Microsoft Store on their Windows device. Additionally, All windows 10 apps will be compatible with Windows 11.

Internet Explorer will no longer be included on Windows 11. The Microsoft Edge Browser will now replace Internet Explorer fully on Windows 11.

The new Windows Terminal is an interface that combines command-line tools and shells, such as Command Prompt, Power Shell, and WSL, into a new, customizable application with tabs and panes, that also runs other command shells like Linux and Azure.

USB Development

Here at Coolgear, we’re excited to dive into the new requirements of Windows or industrial USB questions that you might have. Reach out to us anytime and one of our pros can guide you to the best industrial USB solution for you.

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