5 Ways to Integrate Mobile Devices and Mounts in Your Vehicle

5 ways to mount mobile devices

In the modern era, devices and driving go hand-in-hand. Just as long as no hands are actually on devices. Today’s smart-capable devices can give us audio directions down a programmed navigation route. Devices can make hands-free calls, play media via voice command, and they are even now gaining the ability to read answers to questions off the internet or recite e-books from the text-file in a soothing AI voice.

Needless to say, today’s mobile devices and smart-home technology are revolutionizing the way we drive with much of the potential yet unrealized. But what we have realized for sure is that we want our phones, tablets, and smart home features with us in the car. 

Some businesses and individuals are content with the computers built into the dash of the nicest and most recent models. And it’s true, these dash computers are getting pretty impressive. But for older vehicles that need to be upfitted, custom device integration, and everyday versatility there are also many ways to mount mobile devices in one’s vehicle instead.

Which is exactly what we’re here to talk about today: The five leading ways to integrate mobile devices mounted in today’s vehicles.


1) Integral Dashboard Device

By far the most convenient way to enjoy all the features of a smartphone in your car is simply to buy a vehicle that has an integral dashboard device. Or upfit an older model’s stereo to be replaced and fitted for a now-integral tablet instead.

The integral dashboard device has become incredibly popular, especially for the navigation and soundsystem features. But also for the ability to chat with Alexa on the road and get cool answers to roadtrip trivia.

The only downside to the integral dashboard device is that many drivers find themselves glancing down and to the right more often than they would otherwise.


2) Dashboard Mounted Phone Clip Holster

For many fleets, one of the major benefits of upfitting is making it possible for professionals to use their own phones or company phones as their onboard computer while on the road. Simply mount your cellphone to a clip on the dash, make sure it’s charging, and enjoy the convenience of a phone in hands-free mode when driving.

The dashboard-mounted phone clip idea usually involves adhesive on the back of the clip mount to hold the phone conveniently in place. Placed very carefully, it can become possible to put your mini-map within your peripheral vision of the road instead of having to constantly glance down to see your interface. Clips often work with any similarly sized phone as well and hold them securely.


3) Dashboard Mounted Pivot Magnet

An even greater improvement on the dashboard clip is a very strong magnet on a pivot-point which is anchored with adhesive to the dashboard. When combined with a simple ferrous plate adhesed to the back of a phone’s protective case, the phone will sit firmly on the magnet wherever the swivel magnet is placed and even change directions when, for example, the sun is setting and reflecting right off that phone screen.

The pivot magnet is incredibly versatile and can be helpful for anything from that peripheral mini-map to mounting extra devices for the passenger.


4) Sunshade Mounted Radio or Smart Speaker Mount

In a long-standing tradition of truckers and field services, we’d be remiss to forget that devices can also be mounted above one’s head at about the level of the pivoting base of the sun-shade. This is not the ideal location for a screen, but it has always been a great place for radios. And now that there are smart homes and mobile hotspots, you can absolutely anchor a smart speaker mount in the same convenient sunshade spot.


5) Center Steering Wheel Mounted Device Holster

Your final option is an interesting one that is often under-explored, the ability to mount a phone on top of the center of the steering wheel A mount here can put your mini-map in close view without taking up dash space and it will not interfere with your ability to rapidly turn the vehicle using the ascribed hand-over-hand technique.

Are you thinking about upfitting your vehicles to the latest in mobile device and smart home technology? We can help! Contact us today to find out more about phone mounts, integral tablets, and of course how you will keep them all charged.

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