The Future of Self-Driving Smart RVs

For decades, people wondered what happened to the predicted reality of the futurists and cartoonists of our times. Asimov suggested we’d have robots at home by now and even people who adhere to the Jetsons are looking around for the signs of flying cars. While we did seem to get smartphones instead of cyber-augmentation or robots and electric hybrids instead of actual hovering, one has to admit that technology is once again moving forward at an impressive clip.

Solar panels are cheaper, more efficient, and easier to work with than ever, the smart home is starting to make controlling your house as easy as having a conversation, and self-driving cars are already seeing practical (if not completely successful) road tests. It’s only a matter of time before these three innovations come together to change our world and our roads more than anyone thought to see coming.  With AIs in cars and the advent of the tiny house craze… can self-driving smart RVs and the lifestyle they promise be far behind?

The Self-Driving Smart RV

To understand the future we’re predicting here, and you can bet it’s on the way, let’s just do a quick overview of the product that will be gracing our highways not that long in the future. Start with an RV, cozy, convenient, all the amenities of home as long as you stop at power and water hookups about once a day. Add an electric engine powered by a huge array of solar panels on that wide roof. Now you don’t need gas or a power hookup, you can drive as long as your water tank lasts.  Add self-driving. Now you can sleep while the RV takes you to your desired camping destinations. Add smart-home capabilities so the RV actively takes care of you, keeps track of you, and keeps you entertained if you’re all alone.

Oh, The Places You’ll (Automatically) Go

RV travel is already an incredibly appealing life for a large portion of the population. Many people spend every vacation driving and camping where they please and even more choose to retire to the comfortable, easy to maintain RV lifestyle. However, without the classic limitations like needing to stop and recharge or drive for hours across the country, imagine how many more people can take to the road, and where they’ll go! Families can go on vacation, spending quality time together on the drive with no risk that the children’s antics will distract the driver and cause problems. Elderly couples won’t have to worry about maintaining driving capabilities to vacation or visit grandchildren. All you have to do is set the RV to a destination and you can sleep or recreate while it drives.

The RV That Takes Care of You

Now let’s talk about the smart-home RV. Only considering features available today, you can program the lights and HVAC to be responsive, along with a comprehensive door and window security system, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and water tank monitoring to remind you when to make a stop. Then, with a custom-built vehicle, it would be simple to incorporate an oven and microwave that responded to the smart home hub, along with the entertainment center and possibly even a few self-watering plants. Finally, the spooky bit. Add a simple fitness monitor to the mix and give one to every occupant. Now the smart-RV knows if someone’s sick or injured and can drive itself to the nearest hospital. You can not only trust it to take care of your elderly parents, but they might also even get an insurance discount for living in one.

Considering the potential for comfort, convenience, freedom, and even very low expenses, many people with remote jobs, trust funds, retirement plans, and a pure wanderlust won’t be able to resist the draw of a solar-powered, self-driving smart-home RV. Could you?

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