USB Serial ANDROID Tablet Support

CoolGear USB Serial Adapters work on Android Tablets. We tested it on our Google Nexus Tablet built by ASUS and it works Great!

Here is what you need:




NO ROOTING REQUIRED Just Connect the CoolGear USB Serial Adapter USBG-232 to the CG OTG Cable, then plug into your tablet. Both LEDS should blink which shows it has power and can Synchronize. Now download the Termianl Software once complete click Connect on the Slick Dev Labs Terminal Software and it should connect, on our test it showed up as adapter 2003. For Test purposes we connected our DB9 Gender Changer that is Jumpered on Pins 2 and 3 to use as a Loop back test. This terminal Software is Fully configurable by baud Rate, Parity, Data Bits and Stop bits.


You could use this adapter to gain Access into your Router, Arduino Duemilanove any other Terminal Based Device, this is a Dream for IT Department to gain access to your CISCO Router,  you wont have to carry your laptop anymore!


Android is a trademark of Google Inc.