Pennington County Emergency Management Case Study


  • Emergency response management is a matter of life and death.
  • Response teams with a wide range of devices and power needs.
  • Solution must fit into existing Emergency Operations Center (EOC) rack space.


  • No customization required, simple install.
  • Response teams have easy access to USB-B and USB-C power.
  • Helps teams stay focused on the critical work at hand.


  • Coolgear 16 Port USB 3.2 Gen 1 Hub w/ ESD Surge Protection.
  • Industrial grade, ruggedly built.
  • Wall and rack mountable (DIN rail).


Pennington County Emergency Management Logo

Floods, wildfires, power outages…they don’t happen on a schedule. When they do happen, response time and coordination is the key to saving lives and minimizing damage.

Dustin Willett is the Emergency Management Director for Pennington County in South Dakota. It is Willett’s job to equip the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as command-and-control headquarters throughout the response. That includes everything from ham radio gear to RF Ultra High Frequency (800 MHz), all the way to satellite uplinks. With all of the gear in the EOC, one of the tradeoffs is there are limited power outlets, and they have to very carefully manage what’s plugged into the wall.

The technicians and coordinators all bring their devices – work-related, personal, tablets, laptops, phones – and they need USB access to plug-in and charge.

Industrial Rack Mount Charger Solution

Industrial rack mount charger in use on workstation

Willett knew what he wanted — a rack-mount USB charging station that fit in the existing EOC rack framework.

After an extensive search, he concluded that what he wanted didn’t exist. He was going to have to fabricate something.

“And then by chance I saw a picture of a rack mount USB device from Coolgear. It was just an image, so I had no idea if the specs were right, if the product still existed, and what it cost. Went to the Coolgear site and the specs were absolutely spot on — the wattage rating, ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously – and it’s the right form factor and it’s clearly industrial grade. It was exactly what I needed, better than anything I would have been able to cobble together on my own.”

The product the image was displaying? Coolgear’s 16-Port 360W Industrial Rack Mount USB-C Charger. Coolgear’s CGL-360WUCA8 a rack-mountable charger featuring 8 USB-A ports and 8 USB-C ports to simultaneously charge multiple connected devices.

Industry: Public Safety

Location: Rapid City, SD

About: Pennington County, South Dakota, Emergency Management is the countywide agency for overseeing the planning, response, recovery and mitigation of any and all major
disasters/emergencies that occur within the county.


“I needed USB-C for power delivery to tablets, smartphones, as well as normal USB. Everything on the Coolgear 16-port Hub was perfect. You were the only company out there that had anything close to what I was looking for at the time. Sure enough, it was the right form factor, and being able to charge multiple devices simultaneously was perfect. The specs were perfect. And the price was great.”

The Product

16-Port 360W USB-C Industrial Rack Mount Charger

Model No. CGL-360WUCA8 – Out of Stock

Boasting a sizable port count with simultaneous charging, this charger was the perfect fit for Pennington County Emergency Management.

  • Charge Your Equipment: 360W power for extreme charging of laptops or other high-power consuming devices. Charging applications include iPads, tablets, and other low power legacy charging USB devices.
  • Wide Compatibility: Supporting 8 Type-C charging connections at 41.4W and 8 Type-A legacy charging connections at 15W each to charge both legacy USB-A and new USB-C devices
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