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USB to Serial Adapters – Ethernet Adapters
and Charging Devices

USB devices for Ethernet, Charge and Sync, and applications needing Serial Adapters for high-speed COM data transmission.

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RS-232 | 128 Bytes Receive | 384 Bytes Transmit | FTDI Expand Your Serial Capabilities: Connect 2 legacy 9-pin serial devices through a USB-A port…

Model# USBG-232FT-1


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Beagle Bone Black - Expansion Cape BeagleBone I/O Module with automatic recognition of USB ports and SD card when installed. Utilizes GL852G USB 2.0 MTT Hub…

Model# USB-2COM-BB


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USB to RS232 Adapter with FTDI This USB to Serial Dual Port Adapter converts your USB port into two 9-pin male RS-232 serial ports capable of speeds up…

Model# XC-232-C


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USB to RS485 2-Port Serial Adapter Support for your existing RS422 and RS485 serial devices doesn't disappear because your new computer doesn't have serial ports. The USB-2COMi-M…

Model# USB-2COMi-M


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