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8-Port Terminal Block RS232/422/485 to USB Adp – ISO/Surge Protection Adapter Isolation


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RS232 to USB Adapter with Terminal Block SA-8PX-IS Rugged 8-Port Terminal Block RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 USB 2.0 to Serial Converter is an ideal expansion adapter with an industrial…

Model# SA-8PX-IS


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USB to Serial Adapter with Terminal Block Providing scalability this industrial grade USB to 8-Port Terminal Block serial adapter supports serial port data transfer rates…

Model# SA-8PXTB


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PCI Express Adapter The SG-PCIE8SRS422485MODIS Isolated 8 Port PCI Express Module provides instant RS232, RS422, and RS485 serial port expansion via the PCI Express bus to…



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PCI RS232 - RS485 - RS422 Terminal Block The SG-PCIE8SRS422485MOD 8-port RS232 /422 /485 to PCI Express Module Box provides a highly scalable serial interface that…

Model# SG-PCIE8SRS422485MOD


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The USB to RS485 Converter / USB to RS422 Converter (for USB to RS485 Serial Adapters - Coolgear - Buy the Top USB to RS485 Devices Online)

The USB to RS485 converter and USB RS422 adapter, otherwise referred to as USB to RS485/ USB RS422 converters, are small electronic devices used for converting USB signals into either RS485 or RS422. Some of these converter/ adapter units are limited to converting USB to either RS485 or USB to RS422 but others have the ability to convert both RS485 and RS422 via a built-in auto-detection function or other manual configuration selection. All units convert bi-directionally which means they all convert data signals in both directions.
These USB to RS485 converters and USB to RS422 adapters are typically used for connecting an RS485 or RS422 device to a personal computer. Since RS485 or RS422 ports are absent from most computers, you can utilize either a USB to RS485 converter or USB to RS422 adapter to interface between your computer and device via the computer’s USB port.
The USB to RS485 converter and USB RS422 adapter are made in a variety of models and designs. The standard USB RS485 converter / USB to RS422 adapter is a non-isolated adapter which is used for many businesses, offices and personal devices. The isolated USB to RS485 converter / USB to RS422 adapter is used in many industrial and business environments as they are built to be resistant to moderate voltage spikes.
USB to RS485 is known for its multi-drop characteristics, which means it can be used for connecting multiple RS485 devices in a two-wire network. USB to RS422 is often used for extending a RS232 wire by using a USB to RS422 adapter at each end of a RS232 wire.
The task of choosing the correct USB RS485 converter or USB RS422 adapter is simple as most converters / adapters work within a range of settings. The two most important specifications to consider are whether you need standard or industrial strength and if your USB RS485 converter or USB RS422 adapter needs to be isolated or non-isolated.
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