Mounting Styles

USB connectivity with a wide range of install configurations.

Coolgear is an innovative manufacturer of mountable connectivity solutions designed for easy installation – especially in tight quarters where a compact solution is needed, without compromising performance.

  • Desktop hubs are popular with home computers. They plug into the computer and stand free. They’re simple and inexpensive, but they add to the clutter on the desk.


  • Surface mounted hubs are designed to be attached to a flat surface. They allow mounting in a fixed position with a minimum of hardware, but they’re harder to relocate than the alternatives.


  • DIN rail hubs can be mounted without a full rack installation. The hub just snaps onto the rail. Using a DIN rail to mount several devices keeps them neatly organized and reduces cable tangling.


  • Rackmount hubs fit in a standard 19-inch rack. When an installation has enough equipment to justify rack mounting, it economizes on space while making it easy to rearrange equipment when necessary. USB hubs generally take up just a 1U form factor.