10 Cutting Edge USB Vehicle Technologies to Make Passengers Feel Like Royalty

Vehicle technology is an incredibly wide band of innovation. From engine efficiency to self-heating cupholders, there’s no end to the ways that driving has been improved in the last twenty years. As connoisseurs of USB technology, we’re especially excited to see the many different ways you can enhance your vehicle with just a few extra ports and a little innovative integration.

Most of the time, we focus on how technology is making life easier for businesses and fleet drivers. We understand just how important it is to have everything at your fingertips and supportive technology to optimize routes. But what if your fleet’s job is to carry passengers? At that point, passenger comfort becomes part of your signature, and USB technology has some incredible potential for transforming your passenger experience.

Let’s take a closer look at the many different ways that cutting-edge USB technology can make your fleet passengers feel like royalty.


Passenger Entertainment

1. Movies: Built-In Passenger Screens

Entertaining your passengers is essential for happy campers on long rides. Especially if your riders are young. Being able to put on a movie, television, or a news broadcast during the drive can truly relax passengers and take their minds from the road. You can do this by integrating backseat screens for your passengers, powered and receiving signal through USB.

This is the perfect opportunity to show off your smart-television technology.

2. Music: Backseat Speakers and Headphones

Not only might your passengers enjoy a surround-sound movie, but they might prefer to relax to some music or an interesting podcast. You can enhance their audio experience beyond the tinny backseat speakers by building a small ring of USB-powered speakers for your passenger’s listening pleasure.

3. Games: Secured Game Consoles

Games are no longer just for kids. A well-placed console and an overtly hung game controller can truly make the day of your passengers, especially if there’s a long ride ahead. A little Mario or Minecraft is enough to lift anyone’s spirits.


Passenger Comfort

4. Warming Seat Covers

There are tons of USB vehicle technologies for making a car more comfortable. Starting with the miracle of the warming seat cover. For fleets in cold regions, your passengers won’t even realize why they’re so happy to be in your vehicle. Warming seat covers powered by USB both make your passengers comfortable and protect your seats from spills.

5. Accent Lights

Want to make the backseat glow like a soft-lit wonderland? Add a few additional LED lights where passengers will enjoy them most. Put a soft strip of lights on the ceiling, add safety lights to the door and footwells, and perhaps provide a small center console light for a little focused backseat illumination.

6. Hot/Cold Cup Holder

One of the best inventions of USB vehicle technology is the hot-cold cupholder. Putting a normal cupholder to use, you can plug in a USB power source and suddenly your passengers can keep their beverages at optimum temperature throughout the ride.

7. Backseat Mini Fridge

If you have room, and one of those fold-down center consoles in the backseat, consider a tiny fridge. Yes, you can USB power a tiny refrigerator with a USB port. At least a fridge large enough to hold a few candy bars and complimentary drinks.


Passenger Convenience

8. USB Charging Station

Finally, there are things that your passenger will find infinitely useful, especially when their running from one appointment to the next. A USB charging station, for example, can be a literal life saver. Help passengers get their phones, tablets, and laptops charged on the road so they don’t have to desperately search for an outlet and fumble with chargers later on.

9. Charging Phone Mount

Passengers may want to mount their phones, and you can provide the perfect spot: a USB-powered charging mount for passenger phones in the back seat.

10. Signal Repeater

Finally, don’t forget your wifi hotspot and a signal repeater. A USB-powered signal repeater can help your passengers get better reception for cell and bluetooth services inside your vehicle. And this alone will make your business passenger fleet stand out.

Want your fleet to be head and shoulders above the rest? Want to build a gold-standard reputation for providing luxurious cutting-edge passenger experiences? USB vehicle technology is the answer. Contact us today for more awesome insights into what vehicle USB upgrades can do for your business fleet.

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