The hub is properly hooked up, but is not functioning correctly. What can I do?

Testing all setup components is the best place to begin troubleshooting. To determine the source of the issue, individually test your:

  • USB Cable by using it in another setup, or trying another cable.
  • Host USB Port by connecting another device or thumb drive.
  • Connected Peripherals by connecting directly to the host.

Moving on to troubleshooting the hub itself. Attach a USB peripheral. The USB hub itself will not appear in hardware listings on your host’s system. USB devices connected however, will appear when connected. If the connected device is still not being found, try:

  • Installing the required drivers for the USB peripheral.
  • Install the most recent drivers for the USB controller and/or motherboard chipset.

USB hubs do not require drivers or software.

Troubleshooting the desired USB peripheral may be in order. If the peripheral is still not being recognized, attempt:

  • Attaching external power to the peripheral, if required.
  • Confirming if the peripheral functions on a standard USB port.
  • Testing if basic USB peripherals work, such as keyboards or mice.
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