AirCon Case Study


  • Integrate an IR Camera Fire Detection System into AirCon’s Fire Suppression solution
  • Find alternative to high-cost integration kits from third-party provider.


  • Enables simple integration with existing AirCon solutions
  • Available for order on web site
  • Costs one-fifth of the full IR Sensor integration kit


  • USB-COMi Coolgear Industrial USB Serial Port Adapter with customizable DIP switches.


AirCon Technologies is in the business of saving lives. Their fire detection and suppression systems are an on-site safeguard, protecting workers and equipment, and minimizing damage and downtime.

One of the most critical aspects of fire suppression is early detection. AirCon uses an infrared (IR) heat sensing system that provides an early warning system that is so effective, it can detect heat increases before ignition and potentially prevent a fire from happening in the first place.

Integrating that IR system into AirCon’s fire suppression solution requires digging in to the serial adapter DIP switches. That’s when AirCon’s Jack (name and title) made a really cool discovery.


“While integrating the IR camera system, I realized that the functionality I needed from the somewhat-expensive ‘Integration Kit’ was all contained in the Coolgear USB Serial Adapter that came with the kit. I found the exact device on your website at one-fifth the cost!”

The Single Port USB 2.0 to RS-422 / RS-485 DB-9 Serial Adapter provide the connectivity and communications options that AirCon needs through its multi-port design and customizable DIP switches.

The USB-COMi Serial Adapter is ideal for rugged, hazardous industrial settings, including mining, and oil and gas operations:

  • Rugged chassis housings perfect for installations in labs, warehouses, heavy machinery, and automation equipment.
  • Factory condition ready with ESD Surge Protection and a wide operating temperature range.
  • Mount the hub where you need it with versatile installation options including DIN Rail, Rack, and Surface.

Industry: Fire Supression

Location: Fort McCurray, Alberta

About: AirCon installs and services Fire Suppression systems on a broad range of mobile heavy equipment including some of the largest hydraulic shovels and haul trucks in the world.


According to Jack, “The Coolgear Hub has everything I need. Once I saw how easy and affordable this made IR Sensor integration, I didn’t even look anywhere else. I went straight to Coolgear, solved a critical integration challenge at 20% of the cost.”

The Product

Single Port USB 2.0 to RS-422 / RS-485 DB-9 Serial Adapter

Boasting a sizable port count, this was the perfect fit for TouchPoint Medical.

  • Expand Your Serial Capabilities: The Mini Serial Adapter can be utilized through an existing USB Port to work with your legacy serial connections. It’s great for newer technologies with no serial port connections.
  • Safe Connections: Designed with a unique system load reduction feature, the USB to Serial Adapter also offers 15kV surge protection for connected devices.
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