TouchPoint Medical Case Study


  • Expand the port count of Delivery Carts to keep connected peripherals powered and communicating seamlessly.
  • Keep costs low while working and integrating under a time crunch.


  • Ensure no system down-time for medication delivery.
  • Provide a solution to become the standard for other products moving forward.


  • Deliver a robust, reliable, and cost-effective power and connectivity solution.


TouchPoint Medical’s Medication Delivery Carts help securely mobilize medical technology and manage medication dispensing to create safer and more efficient healthcare environments.

These workstations on wheels have to be able to support a number of plug-in accessories. To ensure a smooth medication dispensing experience, the connected peripherals must work in tandem and communicate all under one system.


To support this wide variety of peripherals, TouchPoint needed robust, reliable, and cost-effective power and connectivity solutions. Mike Timko is a Principal Design Electrical Engineer at TouchPoint and it’s his job to find these solutions.

Enter, the CG-7PU31HB, a 7 port industrial USB hub with ESD Surge protection and port status LEDs. With seven screw-locking downstream USB Type-A ports, the CG-7PU31HB was perfect for expanding the system’s connectivity capabilities and allowing the use of multiple peripherals.

“There’s two Coolgear hubs within the system. The internal one expands the number of ports available to the PC. The external hub is mounted up against the back of the chassis. And there’s cutouts, so devices — keyboard, fingerprint scanner, barcode scanner, flash drive for memory — can be plugged in. We use the USB as our communication protocol to talk between units.”

Industry: Medical

Location: Odessa, FL

About: TouchPoint Medical is committed to developing customer-driven solutions that advance healthcare professionals’ delivery of care.


According to Timko, “A lot of companies just want to sell you something, whether you need it or not. With Coolgear, I trust them because they’re honest with me. They send me samples so I can see if it works before I buy. They work with me to solve problems.

We went from using Coolgear USB hubs in our Medication Delivery Carts to making it our standard in our point-of-care carts. We can use one hub across multiple products. This simplifies our design cycles, our supply chain, and my life.”

The Product

7 Port USB 3.2 Gen 1 Metal Hub w/ 15KV ESD Surge Protection & Port Status LEDs

Boasting a sizable port count, this was the perfect fit for TouchPoint Medical.

  • Protect Your Equipment: The 7-port hub supports 15KV ESD surge protection for each port to keep your connected peripherals safe from harm.
  • Super Fast Speeds: This USB hub is 3.2 Gen 1 compliant, ensuring super-fast 5Gbps data transfer speeds. It supports super speed, high speed and full speed which enables it to be compatible with 2.0 / 1.1.
  • Superior Build Quality: Housed in a rugged steel chassis with built in mountable flanges, the 7-port hub is perfect for workstations installations in offices, labs, warehouses, and other industrial applications.
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