Fleet Vehicles: The Vital Importance of In-Vehicle Device Charging for Fleets

As a business fleet, every vehicle is an extension of the company and a moving workshop for your team. In the modern world, that means device integration. Every fleet vehicle needs navigation and communication up to the current mobile device standards. But you don’t just need integral vehicle upgrades. Your vehicles also need integral high-speed device charging for both the efficiency and safety of your teams when out on the service route.

Here at Coolgear, we specialize in upfitting vehicles with USB technology, so we’ve put a lot of thought into what a business fleet vehicle needs to integrate fully with today’s high-tech business needs. That’s why we created the CG-AUT2CUSB, a USB-C automotive ready fast charger that is powered directly from the vehicle. Whether you provide field services or chauffer execs, let’s take a closer look at what every fleet vehicle has to gain from integral USB device charging:


Keeping Your Team In-Touch at All Times

Your team most likely stays in contact through smartphones, whether you provide them or they are BYOD. These devices are not integral to the vehicle like your nav-screen might be, but they are still essential to daily work. Unfortunately, phone batteries and our own memory to constantly recharge the things can fail.

Charging solutions inside each fleet vehicle ensure that your team can always keep their phones topped-up and their response-time fast.


Provide Power for Adaptable Device Mounts

Many fleet vehicles are upgraded with magnetic adaptable mounts for devices used on the job. Personal phones, work tablets, and mobile computers can all be mounted in the vehicle for optimized use on the road. But that doesn’t keep them charged. For devices that are regularly moved in an out of the vehicle (so cannot be integrally powered), a USB charging solution is your ultimate answer.

Having a few extra USB charge ports and cables in the vehicle ensures that every temporarily mounted device stays charged while in use.


Power Mobile Computers and Work Devices

But even if you don’t mount the device, you may still need charging. Field service technicians, for example, often work with tablets and portable computers for on-site tasks and these devices need to stay powered the entire time technicians are inside a client’s home or office. That means the best time to charge up is on the road.

Charging solutions inside your fleet vehicles ensure that any mobile work devices can stay charged, whether or not they are actually used inside the truck.


Recharge Wireless Hand Tools On the Road

Another tip for technicians is to recharge your wireless hand-tools with USB ports in the vehicle. If, for example, your team works with a wireless drill, stud-finder, or multi-meter on the job, the latest models are often USB-powered. You can use your in-vehicle ports to ensure your drills and multi-meters are powered and ready to go each time your team pulls up to a client’s location.


On-Site Emergency Device Charging

Finally, in-vehicle charging powered by the engine itself ensures that you can always charge devices on-site. From phones to hand-tools, anything found “dead” on the job can quickly be restored to usefulness without having to change out batteries or head back to HQ before the work can get done. In fact, in-vehicle charging can even allow your team to save a client’s bacon if one of your clients happens to have a dead phone on-site with no outlets around.


One cigarette-lighter USB port is not enough for the industrial charging needs of any fleet vehicle. With the vast number of wireless devices used in modern business matters, it doesn’t matter if your fleet vehicles ferry technicians or diplomats. Whether you’re charging power drills or laptop computers, in-vehicle charging solutions are essential for any business fleet. Contact us today to learn more about integral USB charging upgrades for your fleet vehicles.


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