RV and Van Life: Why In-Vehicle Device Charging is a Must-Have for RV Fun and Safety

RV Van Life

Van Life is a trend that is catching fire with today’s population, young and old. Whether you’re setting out for an RV adventure or refitting a van to become your new foundation-free home, technology is going to matter. No matter how rustic you like to rough it, a whole lifestyle of travel is one filled with mobile devices and cool wireless gadgets. And those gadgets need charging.

That’s why every RV and converted van needs to have a few integral USB fast-charging ports powered directly from the engine. One little cigarette-lighter port just won’t do anymore. Not when every passenger has three personal devices and camping can now be super-powered with USB gadgets. That’s why we created the Coolgear CHARGEIT! Mini, a USB C and USB A fast charger that is powered directly from the vehicle.  USB charging is not just essential for fun and comfort, it’s also important for modern road safety. Let’s take a closer look at how integral USB charging can transform your Van Life experience for the better:


Keeping Phones and Tablets Alive

Today’s travel adventures feature at least once device for every traveler, sometimes as many as five or six individual USB-charged devices. Phones, tablets, laptops, portable speakers, iPods, medical devices, and more can all be an essential part of your high-tech road trip. Those extra high-speed charging ports will keep everyone topped-up and happy, whether you’re playing trivia games or all doing your own thing as the miles roll by.


Powering Your Nav and Tunes

Check the devices in almost any RV or converted van and you’ll find two things every time: navigation and music. Chances are, you’ve already mounted a phone or tablet on the dash and probably equipped your passenger with a device or two as well. All just to enable your navigation (and searches for gas and fast food along the way) and playing your favorite music (or podcasts) on the road.

Unless your RV’s integral computer and screen are really good, you’ll want mobile devices for that, and those devices will need power. Building more USB power into your RV or van is essential for never seeing your nav-map die in the middle of nowhere or hearing your tunes cut out as a phone dies.


Emergency USB Power for Emergency Recharges

Of course, no device-owner is perfect. We all forget to charge up sometimes and only realize this error when a charged device is what you need right now. Being able to charge USB devices directly from your vehicle’s engine ensures that you will never have a totally stranded tech emergency. Whatever you need to recharge, from your laptop to your flat-tire flashlight, will be ready within a few minutes with a fast-charge connection.


Upgrade Your Van Life with Portable USB Appliances

One of the hallmarks of a truly awesome van lifestyle is cool portable devices. Fans, cooktop burners, mini-fridges, sound systems, and so much more can be used to really snazz up your travel lifestyle. Why live rustic when you can power all sorts of neat appliances from USB instead? The capabilities of USB appliances have skyrocketed in the last five years and you can reap the benefit. All you need are USB “outlets” built into your van or RV to make it happen.


Provide USB Power to Fellow Travelers

Ever run into a fellow traveler panicking over a dead cellphone? We all have, at one point or another. With extra USB charge ports in your rig, you can do more than lend your phone for a few minutes. You can leave those panicking fellow travelers smiling with phones that are once-again capable of calling for rescue services, pick-up rides, and tow trucks.

You never know when the good deed you can do for the day is just to let someone else charge their phone on your USB ports. Especially if you’re camping and the nearest outlet is miles away.


Power Emergency Flashers and Signal Boosters

Finally, don’t forget the use of high-powered USB ports in a roadside emergency. You can pack some serious flares and flashers that can USB-power in case you ever need to pull the rig over on the highway. A USB port can also power a cell signal booster so that you can call for help even in areas with bad signal, bad weather, and low traffic.

The RV and van lifestyle is something that many families are embracing. Whether you take to the road ever summer or have made the road your permanent home, a few USB upgrades can provide a huge boost to both travel fun and roadside safety. Contact us today to learn more about how to upfit your RV or van for a super-charged life on the road.

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