Modern Medical Technology is Bringing Lab Test Access to At-Home Patients

Modern medical technology has come further than almost any single professional has realized. There are constant innovations in almost every aspect of the medical field, from VR-simulated surgery to smart homes as in-home medical assistants. However, one of the most un-sung marvels of today’s medical innovations is the commercial accessibility of medical lab testing.

Anyone who has experienced a recent surgery or hospital-worthy medical condition is familiar with the battery of admittedly high-priced lab tests required to do anything with confidence. Blood tests, urine tests, biopsies, and ultrasound scans are only the beginning and all of them are a huge pain to send out your samples, get the results back, and then handle the mess of insurance-or-not payments afterward.

However, for the savvy consumer who knows how to search the internet, there is now a surprising battery of at-home tests allowing you to take your own samples and get results in a fraction of the time or cost.

Home Blood Testing Kits

Blood testing is one of the most common lab tests in the medical industry. A blood test can reveal an astounding amount about your health, your genetics, your biology, and what the rest of your life might theoretically look at. The human genome project inspired the world to wonder who their ancestors were, opening the door to what is now an approaching-complete battery of results you can get at home by taking your own blood and sending it to a private commercial lab for study.

Genome Mapping

Genome mapping is when the lab takes a look at your genetics and gives you a picture of your ancestral family tree. Thanks to the human genome project and the data continually gathered by both medical and commercial blood labs, these home test services are able to give the self-blood-takers a fascinatingly complete look at their continental and ethnic backgrounds.

Genetic Medical Predispositions

Another awesome thing that these commercial blood tests can tell eager clients is what medications and substances they should watch out for. It’s a well-known fact in the medical world that some people have a higher likelihood to react strongly or poorly to certain types of medication. With a home blood test, there’s no need for a three-inch folder of family medical history. Just a vial of your blood and a few weeks of waiting.

Blood Sugar Metabolism Discovery

Now what’s really interesting is what happens when commercial services branch away from traditional medical uses. One particular blood testing service includes a protein shake mix. Why? So that the clients can take their blood at three different points before, shortly after, and a few hours after drinking the shake to measure how the shake metabolizes into their blood. Discover the true pace and nutrient efficiency of your metabolism with a simple home blood test.

Home Urine Test Battery

The other battery of tests that you can do at home doesn’t even need to be sent to a lab to get results. No one’s surprised at the idea of a home urine test in terms of testing for pregnancy. But few realize that it’s possible to buy your own home drug tests and, now, even UTI (urinary tract infection) tests that give their results at home without the samples ever passing the hands of a medical professional.

Pregnancy Testing

Everyone knows that pregnancy tests are a home urine test that gives the results almost instantly without the need for a lab. Modern chemistry advancements have made the commercially available pregnancy tests both more accurate and able to give results far earlier than the tests that have been available for decades.

Drug Testing

Following in the footsteps of the home pregnancy test is the new ability to buy a standard battery drug test kit at the pharmacy and get your results at home. For anyone worried about their medication setting off a work drug test or previous wayward behavior lasting in their body and urine, now the answers are available within minutes.

UTI Testing

UTIs are urinary tract infections. They can happen for a wide variety of reasons, often from minor hygiene concerns and perfectly normal sexual activity. But it’s also a huge relief to know that that burning sensation is something the doctor can fix with a quick prescription as opposed to a disease that one might have for a lifetime. UTI testing is also highly useful for anyone with a medical condition making UTIs a common problem that should be dealt with promptly after detection.


Medical technology advancements aren’t limited solely to the hospital and futuristic care. Today, access to commercial labs and modern-day home chemistry are pulling back the curtain on understanding your own body without having to consult a doctor or go through the hospital rigmarole of taking and paying for hospital-style medical tests. For more awesome insights into medical technology and the future rolling out before us, contact us today!