Top 10 Robotics Innovations of 2019

Over the years, machines have continuously moved out of the research labs and into areas of real-world applications such as medicine, construction, and more. With more robots playing a part in the creation of high-quality products and the completion of certain jobs and tasks, this trend is set to continue.

Every year sees advancements made in the field of robotics, and 2019 is no different. This article looks at a few robotic innovations being made;

1. Hadrian X

Hadrian X is a robotic bricklaying system with the ability to construct a house in two days. The Dynamic Stabilization Technology it makes use of enables the Hadrian X construction robot to correct for certain factors in the environment in real time; ensuring precision in its functionality.

2. Temi; the personal robot

Its sound system that makes use of autonomous navigation, as well as its smart display capabilities, allows Temi to connect its users to their various smart devices, video communications, and friends, delivering an unparalleled user experience coupled with day-to-day usability.

3. Saul Robot

The Saul Robot was developed by Xenex to aid in the fight against diseases such as Ebola. The robot does this by emitting high energetic pulses of ultraviolet rays to break down the virus’ cell walls. The Air Force uses it during the procedures of quarantine that are conducted on the aid workers.

4. Pepper

This robot makes use of multi-directional microphones, analyzing the lexical field, enabling it to assess the tone of voice and emotional states of the humans around it. This allows Pepper to change its attitude based on the perceived mood of the human. The combination of 3D and 2HD cameras make it possible for this talking humanoid robot to recognize object shapes.

5. Paro

Paro is one of the many examples of robotic applications in the field of medicine. The robot has five sensors; light, posture, audition, tactile, and temperature. This therapeutic robot is designed to aid in lowering stress levels and has been effective in assisting as well as motivating patients to relax.

6. Robotic Exo-suits

This lightweight exo-suit has introduced new ways of combining fabric design, robotic control, actuation, and sensing to increase the users’ balance, endurance, and strength. The soft exo-suit wearable robot can be used to help the elderly increase their muscular strength and can also be used in the rehabilitation of the various movement disorders that can be found in adults and children.

7. Asus Zenbo

Asus developed the Zenbo to help its users remember and even perform daily tasks. The robot can understand verbal commands, monitor its surroundings to detect emergencies, and can connect to other smart home devices such as door locks, cameras, and lights.

8. Worker Robots

The tech giant Google is rarely left behind when it comes to technology innovations. It is planning to come up with worker robots that will be able to download different personalities from cloud-based systems, and further store and display them while interacting with human beings.

9. Multi-tasking robots

Advancements in technology have led to the development of robots capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously; one such robot is the multi-tasking bot. The multi-tasking bot can prepare a hamburger in 10 seconds and could be the first step in revamping the fast food industry.

10. Robotic surgeries

Intuitive Surgical has continued to push the limits of surgical robotics, making Da Vinci a pioneer and a market leader. This surgical robot makes it possible for a surgeon to control three wristed, elbowed instruments that come with an articulated endoscope meant for deep-seated lesions.

Innovations in tech are being made at an unprecedented speed. Looking for more information on building successful robotic models? Don’t wait — keep reading. Or reach out; we’re here to help. 

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