Windows 10 and Infrared (IrDA)

Shortly before the release of Windows 10 we here at Coolgear downloaded the evaluation pre-release edition and tested many of our products against it.

One of the products found to work perfectly fine was the IRJOY USB to Infrared adapter. However, after Windows 10 was released to the public we had many customers contact us regarding problems so we again re-tested and confirmed the issue. At some point between the time we tested the pre-release in February-March and the final release of Windows 10 on July 29th, Microsoft made breaking changes to IrDA products.

Further testing by our upstream supplier indicates that IrDA support has been removed entirely from Windows 10. Getting these products to work will not be a simple task of fixing a couple of bugs and resubmitting the driver for certification, as the entire software stack needed to use IrDA is simply gone! We have been assured by our supplier that they are working directly with MOSCHIP/ASIX (the manufacture of the core chip used in our adapter) to get an updated driver & software out to us, but they cannot provide us with any kind of ETA at this time.



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