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Windows 10 InfraRed (IrDA) support without Insider Builds

UPDATE: This guide is no longer needed on Windows 10 after update v1511. Please ensure you have all updates installed.

Step 1: Make sure you’re running Windows 10 v1511 (November 2015).

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on System
  4. Click on About
  • The Version number will be indicated on the right side.
  • If your version is higher than 1511 you’re likely enrolled in the Insider Preview program, and your adapter should already be working. I do no recommend continuing with this guide.
  • If your version is lower than 1511 then you need to run Windows Update to catch up to the current release.
Your ‘About’ screen should look something like this. (click for larger version)

Step 2: Open an Elevated Command Prompt

  1. Click on Start
  2. Type “cmd”
  3. Right-Click on “Command Prompt”
  4. Click on “Run as Administrator”
  5. Click “Yes” or “Allow” on the User Account Control notice


Step 3: The Fix

  1. Type or Copy & paste this command in to the Administrator Command Prompt:
    • netcfg –u ms_irdanetcfg –c p –I ms_irda
    • To paste it:
      1. Copy it from above.
      2. Left click anywhere in the command prompt to bring it into focus
      3. Right-click anywhere in the command prompt to paste the current clipboard contents.
    • This is ONE(1) single command.
    • It should look similar this when you’re done (I’ve already done it, so my output is slightly different):


    • This is VERY important. It might appear that your Infrared Adapter starts working right away (it should start blinking after you complete the previous step) but NOTHING WILL WORK UNTIL YOU REBOOT.

Step 4: Test & verify

  • Get out your dive computer, health monitor, phone, barcode scanner, etc and give it a test run.
  • If you’d like to run some verification checks first:
    • Open another elevated command prompt (Step 2 above)
    • Run the following TWO(2) commands:
      • sc query irda
      • sc query irmon
    • Each command should return a small SERVICE_NAME prinout.
    • The important part is the “STATE” field, it should be “4 RUNNING”.
    • I had one gentlemen report back that the second command was not in the running state, but his dive computer still Sync’d fine, so it’s not 100% accurate.

Your IrDA adapters should now be working under the current version of Windows 10, without having to resort to joining the Insider/Beta program.The official Microsoft KB article for your records: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3150989

Unfortunately this only seems to fix the problem for adapters using MosChip/ASIX MCS7780 chipset, such as our silver Gearmo branded model, and likely the similar looking one from Polar. Older adapters using the Sigma-Tel chip are still non-functional. Some users over on this thread on the Microsoft Forums seem to have gotten them to work, but I have been unable to replicate the results yet.

Windows 10 IrDA update for April 2016

Windows 10 now has working IrDA – Sorta

Our Supplier provided us with an updated driver last week, and we’ve been testing it here as best we could (we only have a few IrDA products to test with). Long story short, the driver they have given us is identical to the one already on our website (and ASIX’s).

As our last update mentioned, the current driver installs and seems to function fine in the current version of Windows 10, but Windows does not seem to understand how to use the IrDA devices beyond installing the driver. That seems to have changed in the latest pre-release (AKA “Insider Builds”) versions of Windows 10.
The vendor recommends that anything newer than build 11082 should work, and our testing shows that the current version installed in the Fast Track is 14316. We found that Window 10 build 14316 will download and install the appropriate driver (v1.3.2.0) as well as launch the IrDA stack service now.

We’ve tested the IrDA products we had around the office and found that all of them are working exactly as they had in previous editions of Windows.

Steps to get IrDA working in Windows 10:

  1. Make Microsoft account. (If you don’t have one already).
  2. Sign into Windows 10 with your MS account. (If not already doing so).
  3. Select to update to “Insider Builds”. When prompted, pick the “Fast” option.
  4. Update to the latest build offered. (NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours from joining the insider program before a specific build update is offered in Windows Update).


If you have any support issue please use the contact form on our Contact Us page, or email us directly at support@coolgear.com

Windows 10 IrDA update for November

Hi Everyone, Caleb here from Coolgear again. You may have noticed that Microsoft has put out a big update to Windows 10. Part of this update allowed the IRDA driver to correctly install, however it still doesn’t quite work correctly.

I’ve been in touch with the chipset provider and they have told me that this changes a lot of things about getting a new driver released. They wouldn’t go into technical details, but I was assured that they would have a new driver done by the beginning of the year. From there they would send it off to Microsoft for testing and to receive their “stamp of approval” so it can be publicly released. This process typically takes about 4 weeks, so we’re tentatively expecting a February 2016 release date for the driver.


April 2016 Update:

The chip manufacture and Microsoft are still silent on this, and our supplier has informed us they have no new information regarding a driver update.

Windows 10 and Infrared (IrDA)

Shortly before the release of Windows 10 we here at Coolgear downloaded the evaluation pre-release edition and tested many of our products against it.

One of the products found to work perfectly fine was the IRJOY USB to Infrared adapter. However, after Windows 10 was released to the public we had many customers contact us regarding problems so we again re-tested and confirmed the issue. At some point between the time we tested the pre-release in February-March and the final release of Windows 10 on July 29th, Microsoft made breaking changes to IrDA products.

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