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Serial Adapters - Offering a wide variety of USB to Serial Adapters, USB CAN, and IO Cards providing up to 32 ports

Null Modem DB9 Male to DB9 Female Port Protector


Port COunt

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Protect your computer's serial port with this DB9 Male to Female Null Modem Adapter by removing port strain.

Model# DB9-MFRS232-PP


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Terminal Block Connector - Mini Serial RS232 This DB9 to Terminal is designed to convert the RS422/485 signals in a Micro sized package. The iSerial-TB5 DB9-Female…

Model# iSerial-TB5


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Passive RS232 to RS485 Converter RS232 to RS485 terminal block passive converter to operate in full or half-duplex capacity. Use this compact light weight molded…

Model# US-485TBP


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Serial adapters hold many purposes. Adapters are essentially a communication system in which information is being transferred in or out bit by bit. Our adapters include up to 32 ports depending on your needs. For instance, we carry: