RS232 DB9 to Terminal Block 5 Pin Passive Micro Adapter

Terminal Block Connector – Mini Serial RS232

This DB9 to Terminal is designed to convert the RS422/485 signals in a Micro sized package. The iSerial-TB5 DB9-Female to 5-pin Terminal Block RS422/485 Adapter conversion takes place from the DB9 (male) to 5-pin 3.5mm Terminal.

  • A passive adapter Supporting DB9 Female to terminal output RS422 or RS485.
  • Flexible conversion from DB9 based connection to RS485
  • Supports screw type wiring to meet standard industrial wiring applications.
  • Supports 3 modes: 4-wire RS422 (TXD+/-, RXD+/-), 4-wire RS485 (TXD+/-, RXD+/-) and 2-wire RS485 (Data+/-, Data+/-).

Model# iSerial-TB5

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