Sourcing Industrial Grade USB The Right Way: Smart. Helpful. Specialized. Easy.

Over the last two months, we’ve focused on the criteria that put the ‘Industrial’ in Industrial Grade USB. From rugged engineering to versatile and easy-to-mount DIN rail options, Industrial Grade USB is a concept that captures a wide, complicated picture in terms of performance.

At Coolgear it’s our job to make sure that our customers are shielded from these complexities with our rugged designs and overall approach to providing clients with USB solutions that meet the needs of harsh industrial environments. Because of the nature of industrial settings, Coolgear chooses to top off its rugged criteria with a level of support and service that beats other Industrial USB providers.

We believe the industrial approach extends from materials to mindset. And we have a system in place that we’ve developed over the 20-year history that allows us to live up to that philosophy. At every step of the way, we’re here to help, answer questions, collaborate, and troubleshoot.

Smart: On-Site Engineers

We speak the same language as you. We’re engineers and problem solvers who seek efficiency through durable designs and smart technical solutions. By staying informed on the latest developments, while also keeping legacy devices well within our design frameworks, we strive to see the whole picture, and we aren’t interested in simply giving you a sales pitch. In fact, we don’t even like sales pitches. We want to help you solve the problems you currently have and avoid the ones you don’t yet have.

Helpful: Answers and Solutions

With decades of expertise, we have the ability to deliver solutions. Tell us your application and what you’re working with and we can tell you how to maximize your application in terms of power, efficiency, and resiliency. We have the flexibility and expertise to envision and deliver USB solutions to clients in a variety of industries, with our specialties being:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • Kiosk
  • Workstation
  • Fleet
  • Medical
  • Robotics

Specialized: Industry-Specific Designs

USB power is now the gold standard for powering industrial electronics, and the future is bright for technology. Additionally, as new industrial technologies emerge and expand their reach, USB power is evolving to meet its needs. That is why we see it as our job to provide the highest quality product with the highest level of technical service. Innovative technologies require tough, reliable power sources. For example, industrial robotics are increasingly common, and as they continue to advance into new industries rapidly, we want to be the people who help those industries power their growth into the future.

The medical industry has relied on electronic devices for decades. And decades-old legacy devices are common. While the steady advance of new technology into the doctor’s office speeds up, there is a simultaneous need to keep older but useful and valuable devices powered up.

That’s where we come in, with designs that bridge the past, present, and future, like the 4 Port USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C Hub with Screw-Locking Ports & Status LEDs. This industrial-grade USB hub features 4 ports (two Type-C and Two Type-A) with super-fast 10 Gbps data transfer speeds. It supports SuperSpeed +, High Speed, and Full Speed, making it compatible across USB 3.2 generations 1, 2.0, and 1.1. Designed with medical settings, industrial workstations, labs, and warehouses in mind, it’s compact, can support a variety of devices, and can withstand temperatures up to 158°.

Easy: Designed in the USA at Coolgear Labs

Our research and design lab is dedicated to all things power delivery. Located in the USA, our lab team is obsessed with getting you a faster, more efficient charge. With our own Research and Design Department, Coolgear has a leg up on providing customized solutions for our clients seeking industrial-grade solutions for industrial-level problems. We have the ability to design USB products for specific applications with specific technical requirements. Just tell us the application challenges you’re facing and let us do the rest.

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