The Rugged Criteria of Industrial Grade USB: Environmentally Sealed & High Temps

What do industrial settings like research labs, production line robotics, and medical fleet vehicles all have in common? Why do we refer to them as industrial settings? Why do we, here at Coolgear, have our own lab dedicated to their USB needs?

The answer is simple. They’re brutal working environments that push the equipment and hardware commonly used in these settings to their limits. Here we’ll focus on some commonly overlooked areas that standard, consumer-level USB is not equipped to handle:

  • High Temperatures
  • Environmentally Sealed and Durable

The realities of industrial USB hubs that work in factory production lines can boggle the mind. Millions of repetitive tasks are expected to be performed. Hundreds of component parts are relying on USB-supplied power. Temperatures can soar to reach scorching levels and can be ramped up by the frictions of production, manufacturing and fabrication. Fumes, dust, ash and smoke can clog the air. Debris and molten welding sparks can fly…

No this isn’t a post-apocalyptic novel. This is what our industrial USB products are designed to handle on any given day.

High Temperatures

Temperatures can vary widely in everyday settings, much less in more extreme, highly demanding industrial environments. For lab or robotic applications, USB ports, and other industrial components, the temperature can, unfortunately, be a common limiting factor for standard hardware.

With industrial-grade USB hubs that can operate smoothly in temperature ranges of -40°F to +176°F (-40°C to +80°C), you know you’re safely covered and will not have to worry about temperature-related USB failures. That’s the kind of temperatures reached in only the hottest southwestern fleet vehicles or in the hottest of warehouses and production lines.

Coolgear has these temperatures more than covered. We even designed a USB hub just for this kind of extreme environment when we created the 4-Port USB3.1 Gen 1 Industrial High-Temperature Hub with Mounting Kit. Easy to mount with two mounting options available and reliable under grueling conditions, this is what Coolgear labs is all about. Creating an Industrial-grade USB that’s up to the challenge of super harsh working environments, and ensuring the success of your investment.

Environmentally Sealed

The environment of an industrial setting is grueling. The demands of industry are high, can often be hiding in plain sight, and is difficult to work around with less durable hardware.

The day-to-day reality of these settings is far beyond what consumer-level USB ports are made to withstand. Even high-quality consumer products are just not made for the long-term working conditions seen in medical settings, factories, or labs.

Coolgear Labs has had a long history of designing USB ports made to industrial-grade specifications and environmentally sealed to withstand debris, dust, water, and other environmental factors. Durable metal chassis, thoughtfully designed and rigid plastic wall and DIN rail mounting cases, and a variety of other enclosures and cases.

We’ve thought about it all and we are here to help you find the perfect solution to your challenges. With experience and a plethora of convenient tools of the trade, like our USB Type-A Female Port Silicon Rubber Anti-Dust Plug, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve learned never to underestimate the grueling conditions of industrial settings and neither should you. Research and careful consideration should be taken when choosing USB hubs and other hardware.

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