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Standardized USB Devices for the Medical Industry

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USB Technology and Cyber Security Threats: Understanding the Necessities and Dangers Surrounding USB Storage in Medicine and Beyond

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The Future of Medical Technology – 3D Printing

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The Future of Medical Technology: The Merging of Man and Machine

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The Top Three Most Common Product Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Top 10 Robotics Innovations of 2019

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Exploring the Self-Service Industry: How Kiosk Solutions Enhance Your Brand

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Your Guide to USB-C: Benefits, Pinout, and Use Cases

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Palm-Sized Power Delivery: CG-POE15VPD The Smallest PoE to USB C PD Adapter In The World

Coolgear designed a sleek new integrated chip (CGPD18 IC) to support low power USB C Read More >

Taking Power To New Lengths: Coolgear, Inc., Designs its Own Integrated Circuit for Low Power Type-C Devices

Coolgear has developed and designed a new integrated circuit chip to work with USB Type-C Read More >