Revolutionize Fleet Management With Telematics Solutions

Revolutionize Fleet Management With Telematics Solutions

The introduction of Telematics solutions to the fleet management industry continues to prove worthwhile for different businesses. Fleet managers can now remotely assess vehicles thanks to the enhanced GPS tracking solutions. The ability to monitor driver behavior and manage vehicle maintenance adds to the ballooning list of benefits from these technologies.

Telematics brings together telecommunications and informatics systems to empower fleet managers. Wireless Telematics devices collect data on various aspects of the vehicle and help companies make informed decisions on how to manage their fleet.

Talk of Telematics began way back in the ’70s as the internet started to gain traction in the technology world. Telecommunication networks have since expanded on a global scale, and transfer of data has steadily become child’s play. Satellite connections or cell phone networks are all that is needed to transfer Telematics data to central units in real-time.

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What can you do with Telematics?

From a central dashboard, you can monitor the current location, fuel consumption, and speed of your cars. VPs also get an opportunity to assess the productivity and profitability of the fleet. The fast-paced growth of technology has ensured that the applications for fleet Telematics solution have no limit at the moment. Vehicle-based businesses continue to make the most of adequate connection systems world over.

Given that businesses have unique needs, API integrations and customizations are necessary for the success of Telematics systems. Once the right model is in place, fleet managers have an easy time picking out relevant data. Such data will reveal the state of their fleets and help them reduce costs as they streamline services.

Monitoring fleet activity comes with the benefits of controlling costs better and complying with government regulations. As fleet owners seek cost-effective ways that boost accountability and improve productivity, we are bound to see more innovative products introduced to the market.

Vehicle makers have joined this bandwagon. Smart cars will be already installed with OEM Telematics systems to connect them to smart traffic technologies. Customers can look forward to high returns from their fleets.

Reliance on data

Fleet management has now entered into a phase where companies cannot expect to succeed without data and technology. Businesses should seek to take these changes in their stride and strive to deliver proactive and predictive services. Rather than putting out fires, Telematics enables companies to plan ahead.

Digitized data allows you to aptly take care of the needs of today’s techno-savvy clients. Telematics technology ensures that you can give your competitors a run for their money without being unnecessarily hard on your employees.

Constant phone calls to drivers are soon becoming a thing of the past as the fleet management software gives you a full picture of your fleet. You’ll be better placed to optimize schedules for different vehicles using near-real-time data. Telematics allows you to ditch manual paperwork and focus the time and resources to step up productivity.

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Increased productivity

Although Telematics solutions have been around for over ten years, only 40% of fleets use this technology. This statistic does not mean that the benefits are not adequate. Organizations that take time to plan a Telematics implementation carefully have enjoyed a high return on investment (ROI).

Incorporation of Telematics also has a hand in decreasing the risk factor. You get to save your company loads of out-of-pocket expenses that often arise in the event of an accident.

Top productivity features include:

  • Route optimization
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • Near-real-time tracking

Coolgear continues to offer top-notch solutions to clients in an industry where compliance mandates are on the rise. Contact us for customizable Telematics solutions and we will help you enhance service delivery and facilitate efficient dispatch.

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