Coolgear Newsletter 03.30.22

Coolgear Newsletter – 03.30.22

What is Extended Power Range?

Extended Power Range, or EPR, marks a new USB Type-C specification boasting 240-watts top capacity. Learn about this new standard and how Coolgear is testing new products within the realm of EPR.

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A Page Dedicated to You, Our Customers

View feedback and successful case studies from our customers, engineers, and integrators we’ve worked with!

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ChargeIT! Mini Desktop


Model No. CG-CMD60W

This powerful 75W 2-port charger hub is built for installations on desks, in offices, labs, studios, and classrooms.

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Featured Case Studies

IR Camera Integration

AirCon Technologies discovered a nice surprise in their IR Camera integration kit — a Coolgear USB Serial Adapter that solved their integration challenge at one-fifth the cost.

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