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Computer Peripheral History

We’ve come a long way since the 60’s and on through the 90’s where USB and Serial technology have worked together to form what is probably the best combination of peripheral accessories having versatility for both commercial and industrial use.

Merging these two technologies has given new opportunity for electronic communication devices over the years and continues to expand beyond its original development. Whether it has been utilized by N.A.S.A and their space exploration, HP and their computers, or RedBox in its DVD delivery stations, the ever growing use for technology has been finding a way. Society’s need for a technologically dependant system will continue to grow in the form of Smart Homes, Industrial Automation, Commercial Communications, and Transit.

Determination and Success: New Technologies, Committed Customer Service, Drive to be the BEST!

CoolGear has been a force to be reckoned with in all USB and Serial peripheral areas of technology as a manufacturer and supplier of Data and Serial Communication products. From USB Hard Drive Bays, Hubs, Cables, and Enclosures, to single and Multi-Port Serial Add-on-Cards, Cable Adapters, and Industrial Equipment, CoolGear hands down is the best choice for your computer peripheral manufacturer.

Inspired by our visit to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) in Las Vegas, our commitment in 2015 is stronger than ever to produce High-Quality products with advanced technology and new ideas to help our customers grow their industry’s businesses and become leaders themselves.

Our Products Include but are not limited to…

  • USB 2.0 High-Speed Cables and USB 3.0 Super-Speed Cables: Manufactured with high quality materials with and without screw-lock security for data transfer from 12Mbps to 5Gbps depending upon the application and cable used.
  • Lightning Fast Charging Cables: With Fast Charging capabilities, these cable have an 8-pin reversible connector for charging compatible mobile devices such as the iPhone , iPod, or other.
  • USB to Serial Adapters: The combined technology to translate serial communication signals through a cable to be interpreted at a USB Host.
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed and USB 3.0 Super-Speed Hubs: Transferring and in some cases battery charging simultaneously utilizing the functionality and capability of USB technology.
  • USB Charging Stations: Meant to be “computer-less” as a standalone product for charging PC Tablets and other Mobile Devices. These charging stations incorporate “Smart” technology diverting charging currents where needed.
  • Rack and Din-Rail Mountable USB Hubs: Geared towards industrial users, these USB hubs are generally constructed with an industrial-grade metal case and support a varying amount of port connections from 4 to 32. Some hubs may be cascaded to connect to 127 devices at one time.
  • Mountable Serial Adapters: Also geared towards industrial use, these Serial Adapters support RS-232/422/485 signals via DB-9 and or Terminal Wire Blocks through a USB connection and support multiple communication points on the adapter.
  • Serial PCI Express Cards: Newer Desktop computers are sometimes without serial ports, Serial PCI Express cards can be installed via an expansion slot to compensate for the lack of that technology.
  • SATA Hard Drive Adapters: These adapters are used for converting IDE hard drive(s) to SATA connection when one is not available.
  • SATA Cables: Data transmission cables via a SATA connection at up to 3Gbps rate of speed. The cables are auto latching and auto release for user friendly experience.
  • USB Screw-Lock Cables: Screw-Lock mechanisms are incorporated into various types of USB cables as an added measure against accidental disconnections limiting chances of data loss during operation.
  • USB Ethernet Hubs: Used for extending the networking connection to support video, printing, scanning, game control and more.
  • USB Wireless Infrared Adapter: Wirelessly transmit data from one device to another infrared device.
  • Gender Changers: Gender changers are used to change from a male to female in either USB or Serial signal communications. The can be in the form of modular format including DB25, Mini DIN, VGA, DB9, and DB15

Make CoolGear Your Computer USB and Serial Peripheral Provider for your business or industry this year!
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