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Palm-Sized Power Delivery: CG-POE15VPD The Smallest PoE to USB C PD Adapter In The World

scale of usbc-poe-pod

Coolgear designed a sleek new integrated chip (CGPD18 IC) to support low power USB C devices with Power Delivery. The CGPD18 IC easily converts PoE to USB Type-C power and is expanding the possibilities of commercial and industrial USB-C PD designs.

The CGPD18 IC is currently being used in our new CG-POE15VPD USB C with PD (power delivery) PoE Splitter for Nest Cam IQ Outdoor & Nest Cam IQ Indoor.

What is USB C Power Delivery?

With 10 times the power capacity of earlier USB protocols, USB-C powers modern electronics with the capacity to charge a phone in 15 minutes or simultaneously charge a laptop and power an external monitor. Phones, cameras, Wifi Access Points, laptops and tablets utilize the USB-C PD standard.

While other USB connectors are still popular, many new designs tend to gravitate towards Type-C because of the long term advantages it offers. Before USB C, consumers found it challenging to locate USB-C chargers that were compatible with a variety of devices, so Coolgear developed the CGPD18 IC as a cost-effective USB-C PoE integration to be used in a broad range of implementations.

Why USB-C With Power over Ethernet?

While USB-C is gaining popularity, it still has its limits. Many of the best cables can only transmit power about ten feet (three meters). And USB-C is currently not integrated into the overall construction of buildings and homes.

Ethernet, on the other hand, has been cost effective, travels up to 330 feet and can be found in most modern construction projects. With PoE, you can transmit power without having to pay electricians or pull permits, providing enormous cost savings and ease of implementation. For a fraction of the cost, you can complete sophisticated installations with equipment you already have on hand.

Coolgear envisions the use of the chip in other converters and devices where additional cable length is needed for low power.

Coolgear’s IC Delivers Palm-sized Power Delivery For Nest Cams:

The Nest Cam security camera is one of the most sought after devices for remote security systems, but camera users found the out-of-box setup difficult to hide due to the need to plug the device into a power socket and the limited 25ft USB wire length. The new Mini PoE to USB Type C Adapter All-in-One (CG-POE15VPD), designed by Coolgear Labs makes use of the new integrated chip (CGPD18 IC). This all-in-one power extender allows camera users to move Nest Cams’ an additional 100m (328ft.) using a Cat5/6 cable from a PoE injector while removing the need for bulky A/C adapters that give away the location of the camera. Nest users can now create highly effective surveillance systems that are out-of-sight and secure from theft.

Partnering With Coolgear Labs to Design Innovative Solutions

Coolgear has designed and engineered this IC to be applied into your own circuit design and power delivery applications. The chip’s built-in features and benefits add a great value to its intended purpose.

Our IC was used to create the world’s smallest PoE to USB Type C adapter, 60% smaller than any other PoE to USB Type C solution.
  • Overload & short-circuit protection.
  • Industrial temperature operation.
  • Made to withstand harsh environments.
  • This chip has a maximum ambient operating temperature of 78°C
  • 9-12Watt PD profile.
  • Power Input: PoE PD IEEE802.3af compliant POE (PDoE)
  • Power Output: USB Type C PD.
  • Status LED.
  • Designed to provide power to low power PD devices with type C port.
  • Cost-effective and scalable solution.


  • Fully IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3af compliant POE.
  • Class 0 (0.44 Watts to 12.95 Watts) USB type C PD 9-12Watt PD profile.
  • 1500VDC isolation (input to output).
  • Class 0 signature.

At Coolgear we’re dedicated to developing advanced technology, manufacturing quality products, and testing out new ideas and concepts for computer technology and its advancements. Need help with your next project? For more information, visit or contact us.

Coolgear USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gbps USB Hub Available TODAY!


A cutting-edge USB 3.1 Gen2 USB hub from Coolgear Inc. that combines both USB-C and legacy USB-A ports, fully supports SuperSpeed+ data transmission (10Gbps), and provides quick battery charging.


Coolgear Labs, the engineering and development division of Coolgear Inc., brings to the market a fully compliant USB 3.1 Gen2 hub. The hub’s unique design offers both DC barrel and 2-wire Phoenix connections, plus type-C and type-A USB ports to cover a broad spectrum of power and speed. Designed with versatility in mind, it can be wall, surface or DIN rail mounted.

Using the latest iteration of USB 3.1, Coolgear Labs produced a hub that complies with both Gen2 and legacy specifications. The hub features one upstream port on the back panel and four downstream facing ports in front. Each port can support SuperSpeed+ USB 10Gbps devices.

Variable Input Voltage

One notable feature of the hub is the Variable Input Voltage with a two-wire Phoenix Contact (included) that allows the hub to be configured for voltages between +7 and 24V DC, depending on the application.

Current Design Features

  •     Compliant with USB 3.1 Gen2 Specifications
  •     Supports 10Gbps (SuperSpeed+); backward compatible to 5Gbps (SuperSpeed), 480Mbps(High-Speed), 12Mbps(Full-Speed), and 1.5Mbps(Low-Speed) data rates
  •     Provides 4 (two USB-C and two USB-A) Downstream facing USB 3.1 Ports (DFP)
  •     Provides 1 USB Type C Upstream Facing Port (UFP)
  •     Multi Transaction Translators (TT) per Hub
  •     Optional Variable input power: +7 – 24V DC through 2-wire terminal plug connection
  •     USB-A 3.1 provides 900mA normal charging for USB devices
  •     Rigid plastic Wall and DIN Rail Mounting Case
  •     Green LED indicators
  •     Support USB Battery Charging: SDP, CDP and DCP modes
  •     Wall and DIN Rail mounting hardware included
  •     USB Type C to C Gen 2 cable included
  •     12V DC Power adapter included
  •     Item Dimensions: 152.04mm(L) x 62.45mm(W) x 30mm(H) – 152.04mm(L) x 67.67mm(W) with 2-pin connector x 34.25(H) with mounting plate

Looking ahead to Q4

Power Delivery (PD) and 7-port versions of the hub are in the final stages of development and expected to be released in the 4th quarter of this year.

Current projects from Coolgear Labs include:

  •     USB PD over POE+ (60watts)
  •     USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C Active Optical Cable (AOC)
  •     USB 4 Port Power Delivery(PD) hub w/IPD (intelligent power distribution)

Order Details

The USB 3.1 Gen2 hub (part # CG-4P31CHUB) is available now at and shipping in quantity. For information on pricing, please contact your Coolgear Sales representative or send an email to:

USBgear 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub in Driver’s Station for Robotics Competition

CoolGear Inc. has been developing, manufacturing, and providing premier computer peripherals since 1997. We’re continuing to develop advanced technology and manufacture quality products for various industries.

In addition to our list of industries, we can add competitive educational robotics environments!

Coolgear answered a call received from Team BJORG. Team BJOG (Bloomington Jefferson Outstanding Robotics Group) consists of a group of robotics students from Jefferson High School.

Team BJORG approached Coolgear in the hopes of acquiring two USB 3.0 hub to

USBG-BREC307 USB 3.0 7 Port Hub
USBG-BREC307 USB 3.0 7 Port Hub

accommodate the USB connections in their design of the driver’s station. Coolgear was glad to help the team out; they used the both USB 3.0 hub 7 ports (USBG-BREC307) to connect the 3 touch screen displays, 3 joysticks, 20 buttons and switches.

Team BJORG, a participant in FIRST robotics competition designed and built a Driver’s Station or control panel for the control center of their robotics entry. (“FIRST” is an organization inspiring young people to embrace creativity and engineering ingenuity.) The Driver’s Station is a uniquely designed wood console engineered to accommodate the on-board electronics it uses in the competition.

The USB 3.0 7 Port Hub Features are:

  • Includes a charging function to power each port up to 900mA, enough for normal charging.
  • Adds 7 USB 3.0 ports via its included Type-A to Type-B Cable
  • Bus-Powered with Limit current protection.
  • Backward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1
    USBgear's USB 3.0 7 Port Hub installed
    USBgear’s USB 3.0 7 Port Hub installed
  • Supports Super-Speed USB 3.0 over each port with transfer rates up to 5Gbps.
  • Includes a charging function to power each port up to 900mA, enough for normal charging.
  • Compliant with Fast Charging for international battery charging 1.2 Standard Protocol and Smart Control.
  • Support included for Plug-and-Play and hot swapping. No driver installation needed.
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Dimensions in Inches: 4.625in (L) x 1.691in(W) x .974in(H) with ears 5.241in(L)
  • Dimensions in MM: 117.47mm (L) x 42.95mm(W) x 24.73mm(H) with ears 133.12mm

Find more about the BJORG robotics team on their website’s BJORG Legacy page.

As a result of using the 7 port hubs, the team of engineers used up to 15 USB port connections to handle their incorporated electronics. They were able to mount the hubs to the inside top their console easily for operation and control of the robot.

Team BJORG Driver's Station
Team BJORG Driver’s Station

The team finished enough of the driver’s station to compete in two 2018 competitions. The USBG-BREC307, USBgear’s USB 3.0 hub, powered the LattePanda single board mini PC while in action!

The source pictures included in this post are from the team’s website at the Medtronic Regional competition where they competed with a record of 6-3 finishing 10th out of 60. Great Job Team BJORG!

Coolgear Will Attend InfoComm in Las Vegas – Booth N3425 June 6-8 2018

Bookmark this page! We will be adding our Newest products for USB Type-C Power Delivery and more here, Check Back Often.

On June 6-8, 2018 Coolgear will be attending InfoComm

From the InfoComm website: “InfoComm is the largest, most exciting event in North America focused on the pro-AV industry, with 1,000 exhibitors, thousands of products, and 44,000 attendees from 110 countries.”

Come visit us at booth #N3425

Coolgear Launches Nest Cam IQ Outdoor PoE Extender Kit with Type-C USB

Coolgear Inc., an industry leader in computer peripheral development and manufacturing has engineered a PoE system of extending power to the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. Using the benefits of USB Type-C power delivery (USB-PD), the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor can maintain power from a distant power source up to 100 meters away. This is a must have for security minded businesses!

Clearwater, Florida, May. 7, 2018 – USB Type-C power delivery over Ethernet is a new and sought after power delivery method for specialized devices. Coolgear has developed a unique and exceptional extension kit for the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor camera.  It utilizes USB Type-C connectivity with Power over Ethernet. Coolgear’s PoE Extension Kit, CG-PWRPNESTKIT, is available now through its website for immediate delivery.

PoE Extender Kit for Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Extending Nest Cam IQ Power Delivery

Nest Cam IQ connected to PoE Extender KitWith the already impressive capabilities of the USB Type-C protocol, its ability to adapt to various applications makes Coolgear’s CG-PWRPNESTKIT the Power over Ethernet solution for the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. USB Type-C by itself has limitations due to USB protocols, more specifically, its limitation of length while delivering power (The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor camera has a 25ft. included cable). Coolgear’s Nest Cam Power Extension Kit solution solves the length limitation.



Why USB Type-C22 Watt USB Type-C Power Pod Adapter for PoE

Despite USB Type-C having it limitations, today’s technology is favoring the USB-C protocol for data speeds, power transmission (up to 100W), reversible connector, and its adaptability. This protocol surpasses its previous incarnations to achieve the possibilities and solutions we are now able to develop.


  • The CG-PWRPNESTKIT is a custom PoE Kit tested and developed specifically for the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor.
  • A newly designed DC to USB Type-C Power Pod (CG-22WPD21B) limited to 22 Watts of power for Power Supplying Equipment (PSE); this provides over-power control to keep your investment safe.
  • PoE Power Supply: 100-240V input, 24.0V/1A output plugs directly into the power source

Full Product Details

Visit Nest Cam IQ PoE Kit on for detailed information, diagram, and pictures of the Nest Cam IQ Extender Kit with USB-C PD.

About Coolgear

Located in Clearwater Florida, CoolGear Inc. has been developing, manufacturing, and providing premier computer peripherals since 1997. The company’s success in providing to Aerospace, Education, and Consumer Industries has launched it into being a number one supplier of industrial serial adapters and USB component products on the Internet today. CoolGear products are shipped worldwide to destinations around the globe while continuing to develop advanced technology, manufacture quality products, and test out new ideas and concepts for computer technology and its advancements. For more information on CoolGear, Inc., please visit

USB Type-C Power Delivery Achieves Problem Solving Stature!

CG-UCPASSPL 100M PoE Splitter to Type-C Power PodUSB type-C, a power solving giant in a little package! Ever since USB-C standards development came about, a method of power delivery has been a sought after method to power USB devices. We are talking about everything from Type-C enabled cell phones to power hungry laptops computers and whatever is in-between using Type-C.



Type-C is not a Loner!

We’ve found that even the Type-C devices that are meant to distribute power to other Type-C USB devices, (USB power delivery) need a little help. This in no way diminishes the flexibility that USB-C has, it enhances it! We (Coolgear) have incorporated the use of a USB Type-C into our own product design to create a simple and effective power delivery system.

Various designs of our Type-C power pods and power delivery products carry different wattage profiles Various USB Type C Power Pod Designsfor different applications. Our AC to DC Power Pod design can be used in combination with a PoE splitter to solve power delivery problems. What kind of problems? See Below:

  • Power outlet accessibility
  • Power cord or cable length
  • Office or building security layout and design (camera equipment placement)
  • Power delivery for charging USB devices

A common PoE problem solving application used is Coolgear’s CG-UCPASSPL, the 100M PoE Splitter to Type-C 22W AC to DC Power Pod PD Adapter System (pictured above). It very simply connects a PoE splitter to a PoE injector (power source) to the AC to DC power pod through the use of a Cat5/6 cable. The Cat5/6 cable carries the power from the PoE Injector to the splitter and through the passive power pod adapter to the USB-C port. The power profiles supported have a wide range of 5V/3A, 12V/3A, 14.5V/3A, 20V/2.25A with variable voltage inputs.

Type C 400W High Power Multi-Port ChargerThere are other USB PD methods we have developed using USB Type-C technology. Some of these methods for heavy duty use in harsh, industry environments. High power USB Changers! These are not every day, buy them in a store chargers; these are heavy duty, metal, and mountable chargers. These USB Chargers range from 60 watts up to 500 watts with simultaneous port charging from 4 to 20 USB charging ports. With both surface and rack mounting options, these high power USB chargers are meant to withstand the strain of multiple devices pulling power at the same time. In this case, these heavy duty Type-C USB power delivery chargers charge devices such as power hungry laptops, tablets, or more.

Some key Categories on Coolgear to watch for USB Power Solutions: We are adding new products often!

Introducing New USB-C Power Delivery Products by Coolgear

Announcing a New 240W Type-C High Power 4 Port Charging Station by Coolgear

CG-4P240WUC Type-C / Type-A 240W high power chargerDesigned and developed by Coolgear, a new multi-port USB Type-C / USB Type-A 240W high powered 4 port charging station. Meant for commercial use, the Type-C charging station is designed for power hungry USB devices that depend on fully charged batteries to operate. Charge your laptops, add it to a charging cart or system and experience the benefits of high power charging.

Each USB Type-C port has an output of 60W to support USB-PD (power delivery) applications. This unique USB-C charging station focuses on Type-C product charging but also includes USB Type-A 15W legacy ports for charging older products not supported by a Type-C interface. We have designed the Type-C USB PD charging station with high charging demands in mind; this makes it an EXCELLENT choice for USB-C device charging support!

  • Works with ALL USB PD devices as well as legacy Type-A devices.
  • Fast Charge OLD and NEW simultaneously with Type-C and Type-A ports.
  • Can charge 4 Apple MacBook’s, Chromebook’s or other USB Type-C PD power hungry products.
  • Supports all USB Power Delivery power levels: 10/15/27/36/45/60W.
  • Supports USB-PD, SDP, CDP, DCP, BC1.x, SE1, Apple, Samsung, ACA-x, YD/T-1591, RIM etc.
  • 4x Downstream USB Type-A Legacy Port with QC 3.0/Apple Fast Charge supporting up to 15W per port.
  • 4x Downstream USB Type-C Power Delivery ports supporting up to 60W per port.

Product URL:×60-type-c-multiport-power-delivery-charger

DC to USB-PD Adapter

USB Type-C Power Delivery ModuleAn innovative technology designed to Expand Capabilities of Current Power over Ethernet (E-PoE) Standard to support low voltage DC output USB type C Power Delivery Devices. Leading the way in commercial and industrial USB-C PD designs, Coolgear has developed a sleek, micro form factor USB-C PD device with the broadest compatibility profile possible. The CG-DCPD21W tested against iPhone 8, Pixel and Pixel 2, Google Wifi, Nestcam, iPad Pro 12.9”, Samsung S8, Eero Pro, and many others to confirm full compatibility in the AT-USBC-Kit and the POE-USBC-Kit.

  • Compliant with USB Power Delivery 2.0 and Type-C
  • Support Type-C output and USB PD protocol
  • Support 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V PD output
  • Support BC1.2, Apple, Samsung
  • Support Qualcomm QC2.0, QC3.0 (Certificate No.: 4787930010-2)
  • Support MTK PE+1.1 and MTK PE+2.0
  • Support Huawei Fast charge: FCP and SCP
  • Support Samsung fast charge : AFC
  • Support Spreadtrum fast charge : SFCP

Read the full press release here

4 Port Power Delivery Hub with 2 Type C PD Ports and 3 USB 3.1 Type A Port

USB-C 4 Port Power DeliveryModel Number: CG-UC31PD4H –  USB PD (power delivery) is making its way into the USB device markets. With the ability to power laptops and other devices through various power delivery protocols, you’ll soon need this type of peripheral for your new equipment. Solving the problem of limited PD with USB, products with protocols such as 20V/14.5V/12V/5V can be used with this 4 Port Hub. In addition to power delivery, our new 4 port power the two USB-C and USB-A ports are compliant with USB 3.1 Gen1 speeds, this means you’ll work with data speeds up to 5Gbps, 10 times the speed of USB 2.0. Among its convenient features, the 4 port power delivery hub is surface mountable, under the table, on a wall, or on a desktop, the hubs stability is excellent! So are its screw lock compatible connections.

Applications: Laptop charging, Super-Speed data transmission.

Product URL:


USB-C to USB-B Power Delivery USB 3.1 Adapter w/Mounting Kit

USB-C to USB-B Power Delivery AdapterModel Number: CG-UCUSBPDB – USB Type-C Power delivery adapters are being designed to make sure our legacy devices aren’t forgotten. This Gen1 USB 3.1 USB-C PD adapter can accommodate power protocols of 20V/5A, 14.5V/2A, 12V/3A and 5V/3A to legacy USB-B host devices. With delivered power of up to 100 watts at 20 volts, large USB devices such as laptops and monitors can be powered by this USB-C adapter. As with all USB Type-C connections, the plug itself is reversible maintaining its function regardless of how it is plugged in. The USB-C Power Delivery adapter supports up to 5Gbps data transfer as per USB 3.1 Gen1 specifications and is screw lock compatible for secure, tight cable connections. The USB-C PD adapter supports DIN Rail mounting and a USB Type-C downstream connection to the device while maintaining its Type-B host connection from the computer.

Applications: Laptop power, Monitor power, Super-Speed Data Transfer

Product URL:

Using USB Extension Cables for Virtual Reality Game Systems

Move Your Virtual Reality System with USB!

Use USB extension cables to give your friends some room to play

Vive Virtual Reality headset and paddle controllersThe scene, a virtual reality gaming party in a small game room and not enough room! Have you ever thought, I need to spread out and move the system? Playing VR games in a small room with lots of people waiting for their turn doesn’t work to well! Use USB extension cables…

We have extended our Virtual Reality gaming using USB extension cables. We like to have fun once in a while in the office after hours; recently we had some fun with VR gaming in the lab using the Vive headset and controllers. Our setup used everything that the Vive came with but we made some changes so we could set up differently.

We found the USB 2.0 cable and HDMI cable the system came with to be a little too short with regard to the distance we needed to place the Link Box from the computer station. We replaced these cables with a new USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female extension cable and a new HDMI cable.

Get Your USB Extension CableUSB 2.0 Extension cable used with the Vive

Both cables were flawless but we want to focus on the USB extension cable because we know the HDMI cable already carries the video signal but the USB 2 extension cable carries the data. Our USB 2.0 extension cable is a 30 V, 80 degree, VW-1 high-speed certified at 480Mbps data transfer.

Replacement USB Extension Cable for the Vive

USB Extension Cables used on the Vive Link BoxThe Vive’s Link Box ports are USB 3.0 but it came with a USB 2.0 cable, so that’s what we stayed with. The USB extension cables we used in place of the original was a 6ft and 10ft foot length and it worked with no problem, there was no visible lag in the VR data output that we could see while paying with coolness!

For those of you that know USB specifications, you know the length of the connection can only be a maximum of 16 feet 5 inches, so we decided to add a 10 foot USB 2.0 extension cable to the system setup to see what happens. With a longer HDMI cable and a 10ft. USB extension, the output was still phenomenal; we had a great time nearly falling off the virtual stone walls.

USB 2.0 Extension Cable Quality Specs.

No loss of data! The virtual world was extended by a USB extension cable and was still intact continuing with mind blowing visuals as the games went on! Using the original USB cable, we added the 10ft. USB extension which brought us to just under the maximum connection length of a passive USB signal.Vive Link Box using a USB 2.0 Extension Cables

The USB 2.0 Extension Cable Specs:

  • USB 2.0 shielded high-speed cable
  • 28AWG/1P+24AWG/2C E204204
  • Style 2725 80 degrees 30V VW-1
  • Gold Plated Male & Female Connectors
  • Molded strain relief
  • USBGear brand

The USB 2.0 extension cable allowed us to move the Vive’s Link Box to different locations away from the PC which gave use more movement with the Vive headset. As you can see from the images above, the VR headset and component outputs are connected to the opposite side of the Link Box and are fixed lengths, we worked with the PC side of things.

Below, our favorite sales rep Ashley is enjoying some relaxation time with our USB extended Vive virtual reality game system. We hope that this information has been helpful, moving your VR equipment if it needs to be moved is best done with a USB extension cable!

Ashley play with Vive VR while using USB Extension Cable

Din Rail Clips 3D Printed with Free Print File

The 3D printed Din Rail Clip by CoolGear

As a technology company, CoolGear is always looking for a new way in providing products for3D printed din rail clips our customers. With that said, CoolGear proudly announces its “in-house” 3D printed Din Rail Clips! The Din rail clips are plastic, printed with a Polylactide material which is environmentally friendly and tough enough to last for years.

Our 3D printed Din rail mounting clips are ready to work with the standard 35mm Din rail with either 7.5 or 15mm depths. Working beyond expectations, our new clips work with many of our hubs and adapters. The new clips are printed to a 10mm thickness with 3 screw holes for mounting. The Din rails will ship in a package of 2 with 6 thread forming screws.

Wait, there’s more! If you have a 3D printer, you’ll like this; CoolGear will be providing the .STL file available free to anyone wishing to 3D print their own Din rail clips. Keep an eye on CoolGear, these Din rail clips will be on our website soon!

USB Isolator High-Speed Debut

CoolGear and Silanna Debut the World’s First Compact USB 2.0 High-speed Isolator Module.

CoolGear introduces the industry’s first small form-factor USB 2.0 Isolation Adapter, the CG-USB20ISO, with Silanna Semiconductor’s ICE08USBC USB high-speed digital isolator device at its core. Driven by the ICE08USBC, the CG-USB20ISO is capable of supporting the USB 2.0 High-speed data rate of 480 Mbps and eclipsing the limited 12 Mbps performance of existing USB isolators in the market.

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) April 05, 2016

USB Isolator High-Speed CoolGear Image
“Driven by the ICE08USBC, the CG-USB20ISO is capable of supporting the USB 2.0 High-speed data rate of 480 Mbps and eclipsing the limited 12 Mbps performance of existing USB isolators in the market.”

CoolGear’s CG-USB20ISO compact USB 2.0 high-speed isolator is a breakthrough in isolation technology achieving 480 Mbps data rates with its bus powered, low power consuming design while still compatible with USB 1.1. The USB Isolator’s design and engineering makes it the first of its kind to support the full specification of USB 2.0. The capacitive galvanic isolation of Silanna’s ICE08USBC provides the barrier that separates its logic between upstream and downstream devices. “Having worked closely with CoolGear’s CG-USB20ISO design team from its conception, it’s great to see this leading-edge product out in the market,” said Gil Baterina, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Silanna.

Protecting your equipment is first and foremost in achieving and keeping a successful operation. The CG-USB20ISO USB 2.0 Isolator by CoolGear is designed to be the first small scale isolator to protect against high voltage surges with 2,121 vrms (3,000 VDC). With its small form factor and surge protection features, the USB 2.0 isolator continues to maintain high performance and high speed USB 2.0 data demands.

The CG-USB20ISO USB 2.0 Isolator is bus powered for light power consumption devices and uses an additional DC jack connection for self-powered mode when the downstream port requires more power.

Purchasing the USB 2.0 Isolator for Industries that are using expensive equipment that build, produce, or read in some way such as 3-D Printers, Robotics, HI-FI Audio, Kiosk Stations, CNC Machines, Medical Devices and more can benefit from this isolator where voltage spikes may occur during use and damage devices. Wouldn’t you like to protect your equipment investment worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars?

The ICE08USBC is Silanna’s follow-on product to the ICE08USBA and ICE08USBB devices introduced last year for isolating USB 2.0 downstream facing ports (DFP) and upstream facing ports (UFP), respectively. The ICE08USBC combines the ICE08USBA’s downstream cable/connector interface capabilities with the upstream interface features of the ICE08USBB; the ICE08USBx series of USB 2.0 port isolators are part of the Silanna ICE (Isolator Core Enhanced) family of products featuring galvanic isolation technology that combines capacitive isolation and CMOS circuitry on a Silicon-On-Sapphire (SOS) platform. The enhanced connectivity of the ICE08USBC makes it ideal for standalone USB isolation products that target existing USB connections; these can be in the form of isolated USB cables, dongles, or modules such as CoolGear’s CG-USB20ISO. “Silanna’s ICE08USBx products finally give us the true USB 2.0 High-speed isolation that our customers have needed,” commented Rene Rozycki, President of CoolGear.

CoolGear CG-USB20ISO Features

  • Compliant with USB 1.1 and USB2.0 High-speed
  • Supports High-speed, Full-speed and/or Low-speed
  • Packet Protocol Sequencer for Endpoint 0/1
  • Provides 1 Downstream Facing Port
  • Supports Screw-Lock USB Mechanism
  • Supports Wall and DIN RAIL Mounting Kits
  • Up to 480 Mbps USB 2.0 High Speed Data Rate
  • Supports 2,121 Vrms (3,000 VDC) Isolation Between Upstream and Downstream Facing Port
  • Supports Self-powered and Bus-powered Mode
  • Built-in Power LED Indicator
  • Supports DC Jack for Downstream USB Bus Power

For more details on CoolGear’s CG-USB20ISO, please visit

Silanna ICE08USBC Features

  • USB 2.0 Compatible
  • Low, full, and high speed data rates: 1.5 Mbps, 12 Mbps, and 480 Mbps
  • Auto-Negotiation of Link Speed
  • Bidirectional communication
  • 3000 Vrms Isolation Voltage per UL 1577 – UL File Number E473534
  • Capable of driving both USB DFP and UFP connectors and cables
  • 16-lead SOIC wide-body package
  • RoHS compliant

To learn more about Silanna’s ICE08USBx products, please go to

About CoolGear

Located in Clearwater Florida, CoolGear Inc. has been developing, manufacturing, and providing premier computer peripherals since 1997. The company’s success in providing to Aerospace, Education, and Consumer Industries has launched it into being a number one supplier of industrial serial adapters and USB component products on the Internet today. CoolGear products are shipped worldwide to destinations around the globe while continuing to develop advanced technology, manufacture quality products, and test out new ideas and concepts for computer technology and its advancements. For more information on CoolGear, Inc., please visit

About Silanna Semiconductor

Founded in 2006, Silanna is a privately held technology company headquartered in Brisbane Australia, with facilities in Sydney Australia, San Diego, CA, and Raleigh, NC. The company operates a wafer fabrication facility in Sydney, Australia where it develops advanced CMOS and Compound Semiconductor technologies. Silanna’s US operations focus on developing and commercializing products using advanced CMOS technologies bringing those to high volume production in various independent semiconductor foundries spread around the world. For more information on Silanna, please visit