DEV Product | 3-Port 180W USB 3.2 Gen 2 PD 3.0 Hub w/ 60W Power per Port & ESD Surge Protection

  • Upstream: 1 USB port, Type C connector
  • Downstream: 3 USB ports, Type C connectors
  • Power Connector: 6-Pin Molex Connector
  • Input Voltage: +12~24V DC
  • Power per Port: 60W
  • LED Indicators: Power, Port Status
  • Protection: ESD Surge Protection, Over Voltage & Over Current Protection

**Notice: This product is currently under development and is only available for purchase in quantities of 1 (One) to ensure availability for all customers wishing to evaluate the product. Development products are intended for evaluation and testing purposes only and are not meant to be treated as full, finished products. Designs may change at any time. For more information please refer to the Development Product Terms. Read our full DEVELOPMENT PRODUCT TERMS here.


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Model No. CGL-PD4-GL3590v1.6-DEV

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Coolgear’s CGL-PD4-GL3590v1.6-DEV USB 3.2 Gen 2 USB hub board features ESD protection and 60 Watts of power per port. The CGL-PD4-GL3590v1.6-DEV PCBA features a variable voltage input range of 12~24V DC supplied through a 6-Pin Molex Connector. Each port is individually protected to help protect your peripheral investments.


  • Compliant with USB 3.2 Gen 2 Specification
  • Upstream USB Type-B port supports Super-Speed Plus (SS+), Super-Speed (SS), High-Speed (HS) and Full-Speed (FS) traffic
  • Adds 3 downstream USB Type-C ports
  • 1 upstream USB Type-C UFP port providing up to 60watt PD 3.0 to Host Computer
  • 12~24V 6 pin Molex Connection (can be direct power via Pads on PCB) or Breakout connector
  • At 12V input Total power is limited to 180 Watt with 24V input source power is increased to 240 Watt total
  • Quickly check your ports’ status with built in LED indicators
  • ESD protection per port:  ±15 kV(Air), ±15 kV(Contact)
  • Up to 60watt PD power per Port
  • Multi Transaction Translators (TT) per Hub
  • Buck/Boost Individual Channels for all 4 PD Type-C connections, 5 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 20 V Profiles and PPS available
  • Amphenol & Molex Connectors
  • Cypress/MPS/Genesis Logic Based PCB


*5-Port Version available upon request.


Product Specifications

ESD Protection

15KV Surge Protection

LED Indicators

Port Status, Power

Input Voltage

+12~24V DC

Power Source

6-Pin Molex Power Connector

USB Type

USB 3.2 Gen 1, USB 3.2 Gen 2

Upstream USB Ports

1 Type-B Female USB

Downstream USB Ports

3 Type-C Female USB

Item Dimensions (L × W × H)

3.54 × 3.34 × 0.52 in.

Item Weight

0.125 lbs.

Other Data
Power Delivery Support

PD 3.0


0.125 lbs


3.54 × 3.34 × 0.52 in


Product Documentation & Drivers

Need drawings, CAD files, or other compliance documentation? Click HERE

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