DEV Product | 60W PD Device Injector PCBA w/ Data Amplification

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Introducing our 60 Watt PD Injector PCBA: seamlessly merge data and power for high-performance PD device compatibility on non-PD, legacy computers. With integrated USB HUB IC for data amplification and PD rebroadcasting capabilities, it’s a compact solution for engineers seeking enhanced cross-device functionality. Upgrade your systems effortlessly and unlock a new level of technical prowess.


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Model No. CGL-CtoCUSBv03-DEV

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Introducing our 60 Watt PD Injector PCBA – the ultimate solution for seamless power and data integration. Designed for compatibility with a wide range of USB-C enabled host devices, this innovative PCBA transforms your standard Type-C cable into a powerful conduit of both data and charging capabilities.

With the ability to merge PD Adapter Power with your data-carrying USB Type-C cable, our PD Injector PCBA empowers your host systems like never before. It effortlessly channels PD input to the Type-C host’s computer port, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Inside each board, a state-of-the-art USB HUB IC performs data amplification, guaranteeing pristine signal transmission. Meanwhile, the PD rebroadcasting feature operates seamlessly between UFP to DFP or DFP to UFP, solidifying a stable and dynamic connection.


Product Specifications

Item Dimensions (L × W × H)

2.00 × 0.74 × 0.45 in.

Item Weight

0.013 lbs.


0.013 lbs


2 × 0.74 × 0.45 in


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