DEV Product | 60W PD Device Injector PCBA w/ Data Amplification

Introducing our 60 Watt PD Injector PCBA: seamlessly merge data and power for high-performance PD device compatibility on non-PD, legacy computers. With integrated USB HUB IC for data amplification and PD rebroadcasting capabilities, it’s a compact solution for engineers seeking enhanced cross-device functionality. Upgrade your systems effortlessly and unlock a new level of technical prowess.

**Notice: This product is currently under development and is only available for purchase in quantities of 1 (One) to ensure availability for all customers wishing to evaluate the product. Development products are intended for evaluation and testing purposes only and are not meant to be treated as full, finished products. Designs may change at any time. For more information please refer to the Development Product Terms. Read our full DEVELOPMENT PRODUCT TERMS here.


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Model No. CGL-CtoCUSBv03-DEV

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Introducing our 60 Watt PD Injector PCBA – the ultimate solution for seamless power and data integration. Designed for compatibility with a wide range of USB-C enabled host devices, this innovative PCBA transforms your standard Type-C cable into a powerful conduit of both data and charging capabilities.

With the ability to merge PD Adapter Power with your data-carrying USB Type-C cable, our PD Injector PCBA empowers your host systems like never before. It effortlessly channels PD input to the Type-C host’s computer port, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Inside each board, a state-of-the-art USB HUB IC performs data amplification, guaranteeing pristine signal transmission. Meanwhile, the PD rebroadcasting feature operates seamlessly between UFP to DFP or DFP to UFP, solidifying a stable and dynamic connection.


Product Specifications

Item Dimensions (L × W × H)

2.00 × 0.74 × 0.45 in.

Item Weight

0.013 lbs.


0.013 lbs


2 × 0.74 × 0.45 in


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