USB-PD Integrator Board for 240W Charging – USB-C/A Multi-Port PCBA

Model No. CGL-4P240BRD

ODM High Power USB Type-C 240W Charging Integration PCBA

Coolgear’s multi-port USB Type-C / USB Type-A High powered circuit board is designed for power hungry USB devices.  Integrate this product into your own design for 240W of high power charging.


  • Meant for high power charging applications
  • 4 USB-C and 4 USB-A charging ports
  • Supports USB-PD voltages from 5V~20V
  • Fast Charge OLD and NEW devices simultaneously with Type-C and Type-A ports


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ODM Integration Board for 240W Charging Applications
USB-PD Integrator Board for 240W Charging – USB-C/A Multi-Port PCBA



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