The Life-Changing Convenience Of USB Power Delivery

When you look around today, you see USB being used to charge smartphones, digital cameras, and many other devices. In the past, keeping devices charged was a tricky and laborious task. Many devices came with their own dedicated AC adapters. These large “power bricks” would most often be very different from one another, using different connectors and wiring, and even required different power levels. It was very challenging, if not impossible, to use a single adapter to power multiple devices. You may remember the frustration as you searched for a misplaced adapter or going to your local electronics store and trying to choose the correct one from a large unorganized assortment or adapters. Travel was also cumbersome, as you have to arrange and pack multiple large adapters for each device.

What is USB Power Delivery?

Today many devices charge or get their power from USB ports contained in laptops, cars, aircraft or even wall sockets. USB has become the standard power socket for many small devices such as cell phones, MP3 players and other hand-held devices. You need USB to fulfill your requirements not only in terms of data but also to provide power to, or charge, your devices simply, often without the need to load a driver, in order to carry out “traditional” USB functions.

USB Power Delivery enables the maximum functionality of USB by providing more flexible power delivery along with data over a single cable.

Benefits of USB Power Delivery

  • More Power Increased power levels from existing USB standards up to 100W.
  • Power Flows Both Ways Power direction is no longer fixed. This enables the product with the power (Host or Peripheral) to provide the power.
  • Intelligent Power Negotiation Optimize power management across multiple peripherals by allowing each device to take only the power it requires, and to get more power when required for a given application.
  • Increased Safety Carry increased wattage without being damaged or overheating
  • Customizable Intelligent and flexible system-level management of power via optional hub communication with the PC.
  • Works With Low Power Allows low power devices to negotiate for only the power they require.

Who is using USB Power Delivery?

Thanks to broad industry adoption, USB Power Delivery provides a universal charging solution for everything from phones to laptops.

  • PD-Enabled Apple/iOS devices
    • iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPad Pro
    • MacBook and MacBook Pro
  • PD-Enabled Android Devices
    • Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL
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