Nest Cam IQ Extender Kit – USB C PD to Passive PoE- Extends up to 100m (black colored version)


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Nest Cam IQ Power Extension Kit

Imagine purchasing your Nest Cam only to find the 25ft. USB-C cable isn’t long enough for you’re application! To solve this we’ve developed a Power Extender Kit that uses three simple components. Together they form a simple powerful solution allowing you to move your Nest Cam up to 100m (328ft.) further out.

  • The kit supports 5-15V power requirements of the Nest Cam.
  • Extends the power from 1 up to 100 meters away.
  • Cost effective solution to extend the working length of the Nest Cam.
  • Supports variable voltage input ranges from 20 to 28V DC to accommodate other Nest Cam devices.

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