Coolgear Newsletter 11.22

Coolgear Newsletter – 11.22

Looking for a Custom Solution?

When your project requires more than an off-the-shelf solution, Coolgear Labs is here to get you dialed in with cutting edge, custom USB, serial, & PD technology.

Reach out and we’ll talk product modifications, protocols, operating temps, mounting solutions, power, production forecasting, logistics, & more.

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Introducing CableMAX

Coolgear has launched CableMAX to assist our customers in finding cables & other accessories needed to wrap up their projects all in one place. Visit for USB Cables, Power Cords, Isolators, SATA, Networking Devices, Fiber Optic Accessories, & More to wrap up your next project.

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100 Watts is Back in Stock!

ChargeIT! 100W USB Type C Charging Board
High Power Single Port USB Type-C Industrial PCBA that complies with the latest USB-C and PD standards.

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CG Labs Project Dual Port USB 3.0 Power Delivery w/ Power Sharing & PPS 200Watt Module

  • Amphenol Commercial Industrial USB Type-C Connectors
  • Wurth Electronics’ HCI SMD Flat Wire Inductors have a low stray field, operating temperature of -40ºC to +125ºC/+150ºC
  • Cypress Automotive Grade High-Temperature withstanding CCG7
  • Kyocera AVX Tantalum Capacitors High-Temp Series
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Featured Case Studies

1967 Camaro Race Car with MS3Pro EFI being tuned on MS3Pro with USB-2920 USB to Serial Adapter

USB to RS-232 Adapter Integration

Thirteen years ago, DIYAutoTune required a compatible USB to RS-232 serial adapter to allow customers to connect laptops or other devices to their Engine Control Systems.

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