Windows 10 IrDA update for November

Hi Everyone, Caleb here from Coolgear again. You may have noticed that Microsoft has put out a big update to Windows 10. Part of this update allowed the IRDA driver to correctly install, however it still doesn’t quite work correctly.

I’ve been in touch with the chipset provider and they have told me that this changes a lot of things about getting a new driver released. They wouldn’t go into technical details, but I was assured that they would have a new driver done by the beginning of the year. From there they would send it off to Microsoft for testing and to receive their “stamp of approval” so it can be publicly released. This process typically takes about 4 weeks, so we’re tentatively expecting a February 2016 release date for the driver.


April 2016 Update:

The chip manufacture and Microsoft are still silent on this, and our supplier has informed us they have no new information regarding a driver update.

8 thoughts on “Windows 10 IrDA update for November

  1. Brendon says:

    Hi Caleb

    I have a polar Device that requires the IrDa Driver and have been waiting patiently for them to make one, it is now May 2016. Have they made any progress or decision? I am About to look at purchasing a Garmin Device instead as I was shocked by the fact Polar would not produce a driver for the older gear. I had held out on loading the Windows 10 but loaded the other day so am now at a cross roads get new gear or just don’t bother to download it anymore.

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