Nano USB-PD to DC Module – PD Negotiation Device from USB-PD Power Source – PCBA

Negotiate USB-C PD Input Voltage

Negotiate the voltage into the USB C PD port connection with this nano sized USB PD to DC module. The module is meant for hobbyist who enjoy building their own circuits. If you’ve designed a board to work at a certain voltage level through a Type-C connection, this module can make sure you get the required voltage to your project

  • USB Power Delivery SINK module
  • Short to VBUS protection up to 28 V
  • Status LED when power is connected
  • Quickly integrate a USB Type-C connector into your design to power any application up to 100W (20 V, 5 A)


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This USB-PD to DC module allows you to verify the voltage input from the USB-C PD connected power source. When connecting to a USB-C port, how do you verify the voltage input? USB Type-C connectors by themselves cannot be measured for voltage input because nothing is negotiating the voltage.

The Nano USB PD to DC module is designed for the hobbyist. It can be added to a circuit board where a USB C port is incorporated into its design. If you are expecting a 5V input to your connection, this can be measured beforehand. Verifying the input from the USB C power source is crucial for application use.

Measuring negotiated voltage diagram
Measuring negotiated voltage diagram

This PD to DC module will take the highest voltage in you PD profile for an input voltage.

USB PD to DC Module Features

  • Fast and easy migration from type C-PD power to DC barrel /terminal pins
  • Nano sized: 13.69 mm(L) x 12.49 mm(W) x 9.96 mm(H) height to top of block.
  • Status LED on board
  • Extremely small footprint
  • Can measure input voltage from the USB C port connection
  • Can be attached to current or newly designed circuit boards by hobbyists
  • PD power requester

Product Specifications



Mounting Style



1 USB Port

USB Type


Other Data

USB Type-C Female


.06 lbs


6.00 × 4.00 × .500 in

UPC: 045079160835

Product Documentation & Drivers

Need drawings, CAD files, or other compliance documentation? Click HERE

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