PCI Express to 8-Port RS422/485 Serial Optical Iso / Surge Protection

Windows 10 Optically Isolated PCIe to RS422/485 Card

This PCIe Add on Card extends your systems RS422 or RS485 serial device connections by 8! Using this PCI Express Card interface and a DB44 to DB-9(8x) octopus cable connection enables Optical Isolation, ESD, and Surge protections to you serial signal devices. All cable connections are screw lock mechanisms for secure point to point contact.

  • Provides Optical Isolation, ESD, and Surge protection
  • Provides 8 additional industrial serial COM ports
  • Easily installed and configured in your system
  • Each port is with 256 bytes FIFO for transmit and receive

Model# CG-8PCIei-SI

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