1 Port PCI Express RS422/485

PCI Express Card – PCI to RS485

Low profile form factor PCI Express RS422/RS485 card defining High Performance 250Mbytes/sec to 4GBytes/sec point-to-point Serial Bus. Supports DB9 male connectors and 128-byte deep FIFO per transmitter and receivers.

  • Defines a high-performance, point-to-point serial bus at speeds of 250Mbytes/sec to 4GBytes/sec.
  • Features its plug-and-play utility.
  • Supports RS485 Auto Transceiver Turn Around by Unique Featured ATTATM Hardware.
  • Supports RS422/485 Speed up to 921.6Kpbs


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Model No. SG-PCIE1S422485

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The SG-PCIE1S422485 1 Port PCI RS422 /485 Express adapter card has an architecture that defines a high-performance, point-to-point serial bus at speeds of 250Mbytes/sec to 4GBytes/sec. It is compatible with new and legacy RS422 /485 devices, also has capacity to support future speeds of 8GBytes/sec.

Installation of the 1 Port PCI card is featuring its plug-and-play utility and drivers simply follow the instructions of Install Wizard for a complete addition to your system. The SG-PCIE1S422485 1 Port PCI Express Card provides the support to quickly adapt to new serial technologies without configuring I/O address, IRQ jumpers, DMA or others for device connection. The SG-PCIE1S422485 is an excellent solution for your expanding applications.

1 Port PCI Express Card


  • Full x1 PCI Express Throughput, 250Mbytes/sec
  • Fully Compliant with PCI Express Base Specifications, Revision 1.1
  • Supports RS485 Auto Transceiver Turn Around by Unique Featured ATTATM Hardware
  • 128-byte deep FIFO per transmitter and receivers
  • Supports 1 DB9-male Connector
  • Supports Low Profile Form Factor with Optional Low Profile Bracket
  • Support 4-wire RS422/485 and 2-wire RS485 Modes
  • Supports RS422/485 Speed up to 921.6Kpbs
  • Optional Model: Isolated and 15KV ESD Surge Protection


 Additional Features & Specifications:


  • Fully Compliant with x1 PCI Express Base Specifications 1.1

Serial Ports

One DB9-male RS422/485 Connector, the key benefits are:

  • Connector: One DB9 Male Connector
  • Interface: 3 modes are selectable: 4-wire RS422 (TXD+/-, RxD+/-). 4-wire RS485 (TxD+/-, RxD+/-). 2-wire RS485 (Data+/-)
  • Parity: None, Even, Odd
  • Data bits: 5,67,8,9 bits Data Frames
  • Speed: up to 921.6Kbps
  • Terminator: 120 OHM, can be Enabled/Disabled by a Jumper
  • ATTATM: Auto RS485 Transmitter buffer direction control by the ATTATM Hardware. Guarantee Fast Turn Around the Transceiver.

I/O Hardware

  • One DB9-male Connector

OS Support

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2008, 2003, Win2000, XP, and Linux

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature: 0 to 55°C (32 to 131°F), 10% to 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature: -40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F), 5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Form Factor

  • 3.34” x 2.04” (8.50cm x 5.20cm)

Product Specifications

OS Support

Win-2000, Linux, Win 10, Win 7, Win 8, Win Vista, Win XP

Serial Attributes
Serial Standards

RS422, RS422/RS485, RS485


1 Serial Port

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1 year from date of purchase.


DB9 Male w/ Nuts, PCIe 1x


.35 lbs


9 × 6.25 × 2 in

UPC: 736983900135

Product Documentation & Drivers

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