4 Port PCIe RS422/485 Breakout Cable – Optical ISO & Surge Suppression

Model No. SG-PCIE4S422485OCTIS

PCI Express Card – RS422 Serial Applications

The SG-PCIE4S422485OCTIS 4 Port RS422 Rs485 PCI Express designed to keep your serial applications electrically safe from damage. With connection via Serial bus and included Breakout cable, the PCI Express Card provides instant RS422 /485 Serial port expansions.

  • Provides Optical Isolation and Surge protection to devices and ports.
  • Supports high-performance, point-to-point, serial bus that has a future of up to 8Gbytes/sec applications
  • No issues with compatibility when using new and legacy RS422 /485 devices
  • Support 4-wire RS422/485 and 2-wire RS485 Modes

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